Thursday, 21 November 2013

A trip to paradise

My son Rahul asked me jubilantly "So when are you taking us for the Goa trip you promised?"

Yes I had promised Rahul that if he achieved GPA of 95 or more in a scale of 100, in his annual exam, we will take him on the Goa vacation he had long cherished about. He has worked hard to get a GPA of 97, and now it was my turn to reciprocate.

However, the ground began to slip from below my fee as I began to arrange for the travel and hotel booking. The festive season had made the hotel prices to skyrocket beyond my imagination. The total cost of vacation seemed to overshoot my budget beyond expectation.

However I could not imagine myself disappointing my son. But then how could I allow my savings, which were meant for his college education a couple of years in future, to be dug into for splurging on just one vacation?

"Looks like I will not be able to but you the earrings I promised this year" I told my explaining her the situation. She, as always understood me and smiled in affirmation. But I could see the disappointment in her eyes.

I remembered my childhood. Planned, expensive vacations were not the norm those days, except for the super rich. I mostly spent my summer vacations in my matternal grandfathers house. Those days have left wonderful memories in me.

My matternal grandfather's house was still there in the village. My cousins occupied it now. And they had invited me more than one time to come over.

"Why not?" I thought "Why not  that remote village this time as a holiday destination?"

I had to practically drag my children and a reluctant spouse to the place.


However, the moment they landed they became speachless. The reason being this...........

Money couldn't have bought us the divine experience which a week's visit to the place did.


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