Thursday, 21 November 2013

My first experince with on-line shopping

The following post is part of a campaign sponsored by the mentioned company. I have written this post as a challenge for my skills of articulation and creativity and do not necessarily endorse all the information provided in it.

I was lazing out on sofa watching India-WI one-dayer on a Sunday afternoon, when my wife started nagging me “ Let’s go shop for a new sofa; you have been procrastinating it for too long”

Reluctantly, I dragged myself up for going to a mall, located 15 km away in the outskirts, to avoid further nags from her.

It took us two hours to negotiate the city roads packed with cars- bumper to bumper, only to reach a mall packed with people- bum to bum, if I can call it.

 We made our way through the crowd to the furniture shop only to find there was hardly anyone paying attention to us.

Somehow I caught the attention of one guy trying to slip away upon seeing us approaching and explained our requirement “Sofa Set- one three-seater plus two single-seaters, reclining and with light brown coloured upholstery” I told.

He looked around and said “Sir choose any one of these” pointing to barely a few pieces kept there.

 “But there isn’t a light brown one here” protested my wife.

“Yes ma’am, the colour you want isn’t here”, he informed. “You may have to choose from among these only, or you have to come back after a week”.

So we came out. After such an exhausting trip, preparing dinner at home wasn’t in my wife’s agenda so we headed for Pizza-hut to pack Rs two Thousand worth of eatables for us and children. I mentally added the amount to the sofa budget I had in my mind.
Next Sunday, it was Deepika and Ranveer’s turn to dance to Ramleela tunes without me watching them on TV. We reached to the same shop. The salesperson was reluctant to recognize us. Nevertheless, we moved closer to a sofa-set, with a colour which could be called a distant cousin of dark brown.

My wife gave a closer look and said “This is not reclining one; and the upholstery doesn’t seem to be leather too.”

We tried looking around to see one suitable for us, but there were hardly any choices.

Upon my wife’s insistence, we headed for another furniture shop claiming to be an “exotic” one. The experience there was less “exotic” and more “exhausting”. The only hope we got there was that if we come next week, they might have a light brown reclining sofa set.

My wife was too exhausted to think about cooking. So the dinner with family (Rs three and a half thousand) was at Mourya that night.


Third Sunday, I missed my favorite “Cars and Bikes show” on NDTV for going to the shop. However, to our relief there was a brown coloured recliner available there. I started asking the sales guy about the exact size, specification, type of wood and quality of leather, just to be sure. After all, the money I was planning to spend was hard earned by me, and hard saved by my wife. The sales guy was as clueless about the sofa as my wife is about bikes and I am about a particular Saas-bahu serial.
Still, eager to close the deal I moved to the payment counter and handed over my credit card for them to swipe. “Sorry Sir, today we having some problem with card-payments. Please pay cash.” “In case you want to know, there is an ATM half a Kilometer from here.”

It took another half hour for me to come back and close the transaction. We headed home with me dreaming of lying on a new sofa and watching the second India-WI clash.

Next morning I received a call from the furniture shop-” Sir you bought a sofa yesterday. Actually sir, while preparing for your delivery, we discovered that we were unable to find the second piece of the single-seater recliner. Looks like it has got lost somewhere in out go-down. Sorry sir, but don’t worry we will give you full refund. You have to just come here and take it.”

So I went again 15 Kilometers the next day to take back my money. Although I gave the guys there a piece of my mind, yet peace was nowhere near my mind.
Then the next day I was lazing out on the sofa (still the old one, unfortunately) fiddling with my ipad. It was then that an online furniture shopping portal  caught my attention. 

As I browsed through the various online catalogues of various furniture, I couldn’t resist but calling out to my wife. She came and we started browsing together through an uncountable number of options for our dark brown coloured, recline-able sofa-set.

And to my pleasure, the catalogue contained not only dimensional and design detail of each item, but detailed specifications of each component’s material too like the wood, the upholstery, the filling. The three dimensional photographs and product videos gave us a virtual-real experience of the products just like it is in a shop.

My wife, with her face lit-up was like a “Kid in the Candy Shop”. She hardly found any reason to reject any of the twenty plus dark brown coloured sofas she came across on the website. With my eye’s corner, I kept glancing at the prices displayed, which to my surprise were much lesser than the prices we saw at malls, considering the discounts available.

She ordered an elegant looking sofa-set in her favorite colour and exactly matching her requirements at two-third of the price at mall. The payment process was swift and smooth without any hassles. I got some reward points too for me on my credit-card.

My wife cooked my favorite dish for the dinner that night.

We received our sofa-set in a couple of days and I am delighted to report that now I watch my sports channel everyday comfortably crouched in it.

However, the story doesn’t end here. In the days that followed, my wife- and me too sometimes- browsed over cups of coffee, through various catalogues of coffee table, dressing table, bed, wardrobes and book-shelf needed at our home. A lot of these masterpieces now decorate our house.

My ipad now acts like a genie, it produces easy-chairs, decorative lamps, bed-sheets, curtains, towels, blankets, carpets, kitchen-tools and cookware out of nowhere at a click of the mouse and at very reasonable price.

“How I wish I had chosen a wife for me through an online portal rather than the offline mode" I told my wife one day. She looked at me and said "!@##@………..(censored)"

So, this is the story sofa(r).
image courtesy:, google Images

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