Thursday, 21 November 2013

The day I lost my Smartphone!

The day I lost my Smartphone,
  • I couldn't connect to the Tweeple thousand of miles away, but talked to my neighbor who stayed a few yards away, and with whom I hadn't spoken for months.
  • I didn't make friends with aliens on Facebook with unpronounceable names, but with people at the jogging-park, at the eatery near the corner, and at the bus-stop where I wait everyday for half-an -hour fiddling with my phone.
  • I lost my way to the shopping mall (no google maps), but found a children's park where smiles were available for free.
  • I couldn't update my status on facebook, but updated myself with my toddler's colouring book. 
  • I couldn't explore the earth with google, but explored my little garden to find how caringly my wife grows roses there.
  • Didn't forward the fifty odd jokes to two hundred odd people, but laughed my heart out with my friends in the church compound.
  • Didn't add anyone in "Contacts", but connected with  myself as never before.

The day I lost my smartphone, I found myself.

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  1. Hello Saket. These lines are so true. Liked your blog. So nominated you for Liebster award. Here