Tuesday, 25 February 2014

To Me, Wining Means………

To me, winning means………

….playing fair, even if it means losing a game or two.

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….keeping my commitment to a customer, even if it means losing another…., however big.

….being able to guard my values, even if it means losing in the race for promotion or raise…

….being able to say no to an unfair request, even if it means losing a friend.

 Image courtesy cobaltpm.com  and  gasparandmichele.com

….being able to vote in every election without fail, ……because when I vote, I feel that I have already won……, irrespective of whichever candidate wins.

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….achieving my goals in office, yet being able to bicycle with my kid in the evenings, even if it means missing the ‘networking' cocktail-meet at the office.

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….being able to multitask at office, yet being able to juggle balls for the kids in the park, and watch their gleeful faces.

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….seeing my child win a prize in his school.

….seeing my son defeat me in a  game of chess.

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….being able to lose an argument with my wife, without losing the love and trust.

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….being able to remain by the side of a friend who needs me, even if it means losing a night’s sleep.

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….being able to stay by my old parents when they need me most, even if it means losing that foreign placement opportunity.

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….being able to break free of my ego.

Image courtesy malecodependence

….never loosing my honour, even if it means loosing my temper.  

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….knowing  that what I did today will make my winning easy tomorrow.

Image courtesy mrwallpaper

To me, winning means victory over myself....

Image courtesy teamwildathletics

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  1. A very crisp and informative post. You have definitely covered every aspect of winning my friend! :)

  2. So many different pleasures & Wins of life beautifully expressed, Saket. That too with the right images.
    Best wishes for the contest :)

  3. Very distinctly classified wins in simple and illustrative pictorial format. Very thought provoking ones indeed. kudos,