Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wake Up, It's Toilet Time!

To my Blog-readers,

Do what I tell you to do and you will experience the Nirvana!



Proceed to your toilet

Stop!  Imagine that your toilet doesn’t exist. Imagine that all the toilets in the world have vanished......the toilet in your home, the one in your office... the public toilets.

Image courtesy benedictaugust

Come down to the open space in front of your building.

Dig a small hole in ground for pooping and use it.  Use the picture below for guidance.

Image courtesy animalsarejustlikestars

Don’t worry, its easy.  Just remember to take the newspaper with you for thrashing away the flees. (You may read it too, if you wish). Don’t forget to take some water with you in a mug; or you can use the newspaper if you have finished reading.

Come home, have breakfast and proceed to work.

Instructions to be followed at work-

When the nature calls, come out of office, stand beside the road and start peeing (don’t bother for the onlookers, just mind your tie from getting dirty)

Image courtesy mirror



Come downstairs. This time choose the park as venue instead of the ground. Select a suitable place to poop and finish quickly. Don’t forget to cover the place with sand, grass, or leaves after you finish.

Image courtesy -amazon

Come home, have breakfast and proceed to work.

Repeat the activities as done on day-1. You may vary the places like behind the school-boundary-wall, in the gully, or in the parking lot where the board says “Reserved for MD”.

 Image courtesy huffpost  and  instablogs



Proceed to go out of  house like the last two days….

Did I hear you shouting at me? Did I hear you say that “I can’t do this madness any long…”

Did you realize how embarrassing and demeaning it is to poop and pee in public? 

Did you feel the indignity, humiliation and pain?

Each day, large number of people, including women, are compelled to relieve  themselves in the open, due to lack of proper toilets. 

Chitra and group, a group of women from rural Tamilnadu, are struggling to achieve the dignity  of having just a simple basic  toilets in their homes.....

You can make a small contribution to relieve them of this agony through Chitra and group and Milaap. And this is a loan, not a donation. You will get your money back in just 18 months.
So please take your tab in hand and go to

Please make a small contribution to Chitra & Group using this  (See this time I used the word ‘please’).

Feel proud of yourself. I too feel proud about you.

Now proceed to your exotic toilet. Relieve yourself and feel the Nirvana.

Image courtesy jsyk

Thanks for contributing to the noble cause. Feel proud of you. Keep precious, keep supporting!

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  1. Voted, Saket! It indeed is a well written post, breaking the otherwise dull tone of the subject and taking the cause further ahead!

    1. Thanks Ekta, for letting me know that you liked the post.