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Weird Travels To Weird Places!

The following post is part of a campaign sponsored by the mentioned company. I have written this post as a challenge for my skills of articulation and creativity and do not necessarily endorse all the information provided in it.

Though I have travelled to a lot of places, yet I have a number of unfulfilled wishes. Let me bare my heart today. Here are some places where I would like to travel to, some of them really weird.

1.  Travel To The End Of Universe

I had always believed that the universe is infinite. I was shocked when the scientists declared that ‘the universe is finite’.  

Now I am confused.  Questions which bother me are “If universe has boundaries, then what lies beyond the boundaries of universe? Is it an empty space over there? But as such the empty space (vacuum) is found withing universe too”.

Ideally, there has to be “nothing” beyond the point where universe ends. But how can there be something called “nothing”? What is “nothing”?

“If I drill a hole through the boundary of the universe, where would the drill go into? Where would it come out?”

To find the answers, I am desperate to travel by myself to the end of universe. And I will carry my handy drilling machine along!

Image courtesy source-1   and  source-2

2.  Travel Into The Inside Of An Atom

I have read enough times that the atom consists of Protons and Neutrons housed within nucleus, and the Electrons wildly rotating around the nucleus. Now it’s high time that I go inside an atom to see it by myself.

I have a long cherished desire to travel into an atom entering through its periphery, escaping the revolving electrons so that they don't dash into me. Then proceed towards the nucleolus and land on a Proton or a Neutrons there.

The adventure will require me to get into an extremely small, infinitesimal form of myself. Small enough to enable me slip through the interatomic space before gate-crashing into the atom. How that would be done is another story.  May be for this, I need to travel first to Geneva in Switzerland  and get into the Hadron Collider tunnel to come out in an infinitesimal form .

Image courtesy godisourfortress  and  howitworksdaily

With my infinitesimal body, I would take a ride on an Electron.  Riding on an Electron revolving around the nucleus would give me a good bird’s eye view of the nucleus. I can jump from one electron to another electron, from the one in the outer orbit to the one in the inner orbits, and thus inch my way towards the nucleolus before landing finally on one of the Protons or Neutrons.

I would even be able to check on the extraneous particles present there, like Positrons, Bosons, etc. which got some people Nobel prize.

And if I am lucky, I may even come across the ‘God Particle’ and be blessed by it.


3.  Travel inside my own body, in form of a bacterium (microbe)

I have a weird desire to flow along the bloodstream inside my own body, in form of a microbe (bacterium). May be one day, using some miracle of science, I can make my alter ego incarnated as a bacterium which then will enter into my own body. My tiny microbial form will travel through and explore my body while my original form of body continues to live. The microbial form of me will communicate with my original form’s brain to convey and register its experience (travelogue) as it travels through my body.

My microbial form could enter into my body through the bronchial opening in the same way the streptococci do, and then hop into the blood-stream at the first opportunity.

Once into the bloodstream, I (the microbe) would love to flow to various places of my body like the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc., though I would like to steer clear of the organs handling waste management. I sure would need to avoid those traps (filters) in the kidneys lest I get filtered out and be pushed towards that unmentionable part of body.

Image courtesy diseaseproof  and  api.ning

I would also be very cautious of the White Blood Cells lest they attack me and put a premature end to my journey.

I expect to undergo interesting experiences during this travel. Flowing through arteries of my heart would give me a chance to check if my heart is really made of stone as my wife claims.

Once into the stomach, I would try to find out what makes me a person with ‘fire in the belly’; whether it’s a trait of my vigorous personality,……or its just some hydrochloric acid flowing along my stomach walls.

I already know that I am a gutsy person. Travelling through my own guts should only reaffirm that.

Meeting the other fellow bacteria along the way should enable me to prepare a detailed pathological report about the microbes present in my body for my doctor to review.

Coming out from my body will be a challenging task, especially since I do not want to use the ‘waste management’ doors. But I think I should be able to tickle the guy (that’s me) into having a good sneeze and come out quickly with the sneeze.

Or getting onto some damsel’s lips, while this guy (me) kisses her, won’t be a bad idea either.

Actually this weird desire of mine to travel into my body is just a manifestation of my desire to know about myself and find “who am I?”

4.  Travel in past

Einstein opined that it’s possible to go into past, provided we travel at a speed higher than that of light.

Everyone wants to travel to past, but my idea is different. I don’t want to go to the times of kings and queens, or to stone age or to the dinosaurs era for that matter. I want to travel to just one place, to my kindergarten school, as a three year old tiny kid.

Helped by the Einstein’s formula, I would travel at a speed higher than that of light and go back in past to the kindergarten school in shape of a tiny little kid that I was some thirty years ago.

Image courtesy source-1  and  source-2

I really wish to relive those moments of joy, love, curiosity and anticipation which I lived as a tiny little boy a few years ago.

I wish to relive those moments of anxiety when my mother dropped me to the classroom in the mornings, and the moments of ecstasy when I saw her waiting for me at the classroom door in the evenings.

I wish to see my kindergarten teacher again, hear her words of appreciation for having shaped my ‘As and Bs’ well, and mock reprimand for not being able to write ‘Q’ correctly.

I want to feel again the selfless friendship I shared with other kids; I want to eat again from their small lunchboxes leaving my own for them.

I want to sing again my ‘Jingle bells….’ and ‘Twinkle twinkle….’ with a joy in my voice;
I want to ride again my tricycle with a twinkle in my eyes.

I want to chase the butterflies again, jump again into flowerbeds and say, ‘What a wonderful world’.

5.  Fly to the North Pole, or at least over it.

I have a longing to set my foot on the North Pole, feel the expanse of the frozen sea, breath in the purest and virgin air, and surrender to the magical spell the nature casts on me.

Not being an adventurist, I may never be able to fulfil this desire of mine. However, I wish to at least fly over the North Pole. From my plane above, I would be able to behold the beauty of nature and the white magic on display there.

One day, I would certainly take a flight passing over North Pole and fulfil my dream.

6.  Visiting Seattle, USA

Ever since I have started to use Windows and MS Office, I have dreamt of seeing the city of Seattle, the headquarters of Microsoft, not just to see the Microsoft premises, but the Seattle city which have the most beautiful surroundings in USA.

The photographs presented to me by one of my friends who visited Seattle and nearby recently made me long for the place all the more.

The Tulip Garden near Seattle © Saket K

How To Travel Smart?

Nurturing a wish to travel over North Pole and also to Seattle, I wisely decided to select a flight from India which goes over North Pole while flying to Seattle, USA.

I started exploring the smartest way to travel to the USA flying over North Pole. I searched using various travel portals.

I opened Skyscanner  website looking for the smartest way to travel. A pleasant surprise awaited me. The whole experience of searching and booking with Skyscanner was very pleasant. Especially because ....

(I)     Smart Search - Skyscanner  allows search over full one year  whereas another portal allowed flexibility of searching only for + / - 3 days. The Skyscanner search result page highlights the date with minimum fare. This feature in Skyscanner allows me to smartly choose my dates over full one year and spend minimum.

Skyscanner searches fairs over next full one year period

…while another portal allows search over +/- 3 days only

(Actual screenshots taken on 2nd March 2014)

(II)    Less Price- I was pleasantly shocked to find that the price offered by Skyscanner for the same dates was 17 % less than that offered by another portal. (Rs 63,301 in Skyscanner as compared to Rs 69,051 in another portal for travel on 13th March-28th April 2014).

(Actual screenshots taken on 2nd March 2014)

(III)   Zero Fee-  The Skyscanner fee is always Zero. So nothing adds up to your final cost. There are no hidden charges. This is what I call transparency and honesty.

Skyscanner fee is always zero

…while another portal showed a processing fee of Rs 1000 per passenger

          (Actual screenshots taken on 8th March 2014)

(IV)   Search covers more than 1000 airlines- Skyscanner searches flight options over more than 1000 airlines in the world. Awesome!

Since my requirement of travelling to Seattle flying over North Pole was unique, only Skyscanner could give me a flight which flies over North Pole on way to Seattle. 

My wish fulfilled!

Image Courtesy environewsnigeria

While my other travel wishes like to the end of universe, or inside an atom or inside my body, may take some time to realize, I am all set to fly over North Pole and visit Seattle in 2014, having already booked my tickets smartly through Skyscanner!

Wasn’t that Smart?

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  1. A brilliant post, travelling inside your own body and getting out into a damsel's lips! too good, nice thinking and really different from many real time travel posts . All the best

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    Relevant screenshots here too.
    Best wishes for the contest.

    1. Thanks Anita. Though I feel your virtual world tour is a better idea.

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  4. Awesome and a very Unique post!!

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