Sunday, 22 June 2014

My Date With Car Connect!

The following post is part of a campaign sponsored by the mentioned company. I have written this post as a challenge for my skills of articulation and creativity and do not necessarily endorse all the information provided in it.


She was introduced to me by our common friend IndiBlogger. IndiBlogger had known her well, but it was only a few weeks ago that she suggested me a date with her friend Car Connect.

Initially I wasn’t sure if I wanted anyone new in my life. I had just broken up with a girl named TeamBHP as I had found her too old fashioned. I was in my late twenties, reasonably successful in my career, and looking ahead to a promising future. She was older to me in age and hence was good for old timers only. At times, I had found her unreliable and boring too.

It wasn’t that I was in a hurry to get into a relationship as soon as I broke-up with TeamBHP, but my good friend IndiBlogger insisted.

My date with her was fixed in a café where I usually spend my evenings browsing on my tablet or smartphone.

She appeared at the fixed time and place with the speed of light, as if riding on electromagnetic waves.

We greeted one another with a smile. She looked pretty. She was tall, fair and slim. Her well designed outfit with carefully chosen colours not only added to her beauty, but also spoke of her modern values. Her looks were a mix of modernity and class.

Before we met, I had collected some information about her from Facebook. She was quite popular on Facebook. She belonged to the elite family of the Magmas. The Magmas were a leading business house in the country, well known in business and finance circles. 

It was she who started the conversation. With a smile on her face, she began asking for my details. About my profile, my location, about the car I owned, the year I bought it, my cream car etc. etc. Questions like these are generally asked by the probing prospective father-in-laws. But due to the friendly and genuine manner she was enquiring, I didn’t mind answering any of the questions.

Then she wanted to know about me more with questions like “What does your car means to you?” “Tell me a special thing about your car”. "Share your Experience about your car and some long-drive you have had". 

I am a passionate lover of cars. I love my car to death and can’t stand the thought of being away from her even for a moment. So I started bragging about my car. My car is a part of my ego and I felt proud in describing my car to her. She listened curiously.

Then our conversation turned to our friends. She asked me about my friends, the cars they drove, the cars they aspired to own, and also about any trips they have taken recently.

The coffee arrived as we were talking. She took a pause to take a sip from her cup. Taking the opportunity, I steered the conversation to the things about her.

I asked her about her friends and social circles. She shared with me her friends list. And oh my God, she had plenty of friends. Her friend list in Leader Board ran into pages.  She seemed to be a socially successful, well connected person.

Further into the conversation, I realized that she shared my passion for long drives. I asked her about her Long Drive experiences and she turned into a chatterbox. She not only told me stories of road-trips she herself had undertaken, but of her friends too. Looked like there wasn’t any place in the country she (or at least one of her friends) hadn’t driven to.

She narrated me stories of road-trips from places like Leh to Jaipur and Ahmedabad. I was amazed at the treasure of road-trip stories she had with her. She had preserved into her memory long-drive experiences of all her Facebook friends with intricate details. She gave me one or two extremely useful tips for the long-drive I was planning to undertake from Chennai to Kolkata. I was wondering “How would it be to go on long drive with her……….?

Then the conversation turned into Comparision of Cars- various makes and models, specifications, the ups and down sides of each. She was a walking encyclopedia about cars. Not only she knew each and every model of Indian and international cars, she knew in great details.

I kept on looking at her face adoringly as she explained me the features of various models of cars with intricate details of its engine, body and performance, I couldn’t help but telling her “Oh my! You are a beauty with brains!”. She looked at me and laughed.

Her boldness encouraged me to ask her all types of questions, even the non-conservative ones. At one point of time, I even asked her, “Does size matter?” and she replied without any coyness, “Yes, it does matter. Especially when you have more members in your family, you must give special attention to the size of the car you are planning to buy.”

I browsed through pictures of various cars stored in her laptop. Looking at the lovely curves of various cars in her laptop’s screen, I wondered, “Who is prettier? She or these cars......?,” Then she e-mailed me the comparisons of cars which I was showing interest in.

Biting on my burger, I started to talk about the Latest News and current affairs. And oh my God, she was a chatterbox. She had every news of the neighbourhood, the town, the country and the world too. She gossiped with me about what was happening around, who had come to town new, who (which car) was going to be launched soon, who (which car) was seen with which celebrity, and alike. She had mouthful of information on everything happening around. I must admit that there was authenticity in the information she gave, especially when I knew she had contacts with people highly placed in the industry. 

She also gave me tongue in cheek information on who is coming to town and when through New Launches.

I never knew how long the date lasted. As the evening passed, I knew that if I were to be with someone, it was her. In my mind, I thanked my friend IndiBlogger for introducing me to her.

Although we parted that evening, I met her again soon. We started spending evenings together, sometimes in café, sometimes in the park and sometimes in my home too when I delved deep into my laptop. She now occupies a special space in my heart-disc.

We continue our relationship till date. My car and Car Connect, both are an inseparable part of me.


This post is written for the Experince contest in IndiBlogger.

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  1. Can I say WOW! I stumbled upon this post and should I say I was glad?!! A winning entry for sure! All the best Kalikar :)

  2. Bushra, you comments made my day! To know that my post was read and appreciated with such nice words......!

    Thank you so much! :)