Friday, 21 November 2014

The Full Circle!

I do not believe in past life, or next life........

......So I believe that before I was here, I might have been.......

…..just a carbon molecule lurking in the stem of some tree in the jungles of Africa

Image Source Wikimedia

.... or some protein inside  a dinosaur's jaw-bone
Image Source Wikimedia

… or may be a drop of a water made of hydrogen and oxygen 

Image Source Wikimedia

Maybe I was just a lonely carbon atom,  who, in search of soulmates, traveled from  tree leaves to the body of a Woolly mammoth

Image Source Deviantart and  Wikimedia

….........and then to the shiny skin of a sabertooth who ate the mammoth
Image Source Staticflickr

Then perhaps I  decomposed with the dead predator.......

Image Wikimedia

........only to fly with the wind as CO2, high in the sky, 

Then I came down to the earth as rain…

… be mixed with earth again.

....Then at some point of time, the chemicals in the soil conspired to make me something ....a human

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

It all begins with the earth and ends with the earth.

It’s the time between the two events which is important…. 

..........The time called LIFE

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Written for Indispire in Indiblogger


  1. Thanks Saurabh, for letting me know that you liked it.

  2. I just loved your post !!! Very well expressed post :)

  3. Thanks Knitha, for letting me know that you liked it.

  4. Wonderful Saket! So unique. So true!
    But, past life is true.
    Else, one couldn't have been all what you have mentioned viz. an atom or CO2 :)

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