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The God, The World, The Man, And The System Of Voting

First the God created the sun, then the earth, then the flora and fauna on it.

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In those initial days, the earth resembled a big garden having various kinds of flowers in it- Rose, Marigold, Zinnia, Lilies. And there were lotuses in a pond inside the garden.

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Then the God created Man and gifted him the garden saying, "Go, enjoy the place; live in peace here".

Man felt indebted to God. He decided that every day, as a token of his gratitude, he would offer a flower to God, the best one from his garden. And he named this ritual 'Prayer'.

God was happy.  Because in form of a flower, he would get to see every day a piece of his artful creations.

But the man wondered- which is the most beautiful of the flowers? He looked around. He had a fancy for colour red, so every morning when he went to garden to pick up the best flower, he ended up picking up rose every time. God got a rose every morning.

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Resentment grew in the garden. The other flowers- Marigold, Zinnia, Hibiscus, Lotus, and the wildflower grew restless. They asked Man, "Why only rose?" The man replied simply, "Because rose is the best. I know it".

Disheartened, the other species of flowers began to wither away. They saw no purpose in their lives if only one person - Man- was to decide if they were any good or not. They stopped reproducing and soon were on the verge of extinction.

Man started to worry. He realized that this way his garden may be devoid of various species of pretty flowers. He then said to the flowers, "Ok then. Now onwards, you guys get to decide everyday which one among you is the best by voting amongst yourselves. Every morning, you all will vote for the 'best flower' title. The flower which gets the most votes will be offered to God that morning. The flowers agreed.

The new system started to operate. But then, came a twist in the tale. It so happened that each day, only the wildflower got elected as the 'best flower'. This was because the number of wildflowers was far more that the other flowers. While there were few roses, Marigolds, and Zinnia, the wildflowers were present everywhere, spread across the length and width of garden, among the grass, in the bushes, and also by the side of the pond. Each one of them, entitled to cast one vote, voted everyday in favour of the 'wildflower' species, making it win everytime. The other flowers got outnumbered by the wildflowers coming out and voting en masse.

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The wildflowers did so, not because they conspired among themselves, but simply because they genuinely felt 'they' were the best. After all, everyone thinks that he or she is the best. Isn’t it?

But this gave rise to a problem. The other flowers, despite having wonderful colours, nicely shaped petals, and most heavenly smell, got defeated before the ordinary wildflowers, only due to the sheer power of numbers the wildflowers had in the this new system of voting. They felt disheartened. They felt no motivation to excel and develop into prettier forms and looks since they all felt that all that mattered was number and not quality .

The God wasn't amused either. Earlier he got a rose eveyday, and now he was getting only a wildflower at his feet.

The God pondered- How to solve this problem? How to make sure that the flowers he got weren’t results of man’s choice alone (which could be subjective), but at the same time the system of voting should not encourage mediocrity over excellence?

God hummed and hummed during his thinking process and then announced, "Seasons! I will create seasons on earth!"

He asked the Sun, the Earth, the Moon, the wind, and the cloud to appear before him. Addressing the Earth he said, "Now onwards you will not only spin on your axis but revolve around the Sun too. He lovingly held the earth in his hands and tilted its axis by some 23 degrees and a half. Then he ordered the sun, the moon, the clouds, and the sea, "Each one of you will do as I tell you to create seasons on the earth".

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The things changed since then. During summer, when the heat dried the grasslands, only a few wildflowers were left. The pond dried and there were hardly any lotuses there. However, during these times, the roses flourished in large numbers basking in the warmth of the sun. So naturally, the voting resulted in roses being elected to be at God's feet. Then the rains came and the roses got washed away. But the pond filled with water and the lotuses bloomed in large numbers. The lotus got voted to be the best in these days. Then came the winter and the pond froze wiping off the lotus population. Now the only flowers left were the white lilies which grew below the trees protected from the snowfall. After some time the winter gave way to spring and again the wildflowers bloomed in large numbers. Now it was their chance again to elect a member of their species as the best.

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The God looked down towards earth from heaven. The earth now had seasons. The God now got a different kind of flower after every few days when the season changed. Now, all kinds of flowers had a chance to outnumber the others at some point of time and win. The problem arising out of man's subjective decision making too was solved.

The God was glad in heaven.

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  1. Yes, You write so well, God's also shocked how you write the actual presence condition of Earth and Creatures. Love your Website.

    God Bless all

  2. Wonderful as usual, Saket :)
    Point driven across! IndiSpire has no seasons though!!!