Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Happyhours- A Tearful Story!

The date was going on well. Suddenly she glanced on her watch and said, "I need to go".

He was perplexed and expressed his displeasure about the abrupt end of the date. He even asked, " Is there something more important that me?".

She insisted that she had to go. The arguments turned into a quarrel and then a fight. Then she suddenly told him, "Look, it’s over between us" . 

She left in a jiffy. She didn’t even take along the red rose he had given her…..

They had broken up after four long years of relationship, but there wasn't a drop of tear in her eyes….

*  *  *  *  *  *  *
She was tough…... , very tough.

Actually, she doesn't even remember when she had cried last.

The other day, when her male boss had passed a sexually overtoned remark about her, she hadn't cried; rather she stood up and tore him apart in front of everyone. Instead of her, her boss seemed to be in tears.

She hadn't cried when her colleagues had conspired against her to keep her out of that prestigious project. Rather, she worked on her own project and showed them that she could do better than anyone else.

*  *  *  *  *  *  * 

She ran towards the auto-stand and jumped into one for going home. The auto guy asked a higher than normal fare. She grit her teeth, showered him with all the expletives she knew in Hindi and English, and got him halve the amount he had quoted.

It was almost 09.45 pm when she reached at her apartment complex. She scolded the watchman for being late in opening the gate for her.

Her mother started scolding her for being so late. She didn’t give a damn for her words and barged into her room where her desktop was. She shouted upon her younger brother for using her PC and practically kicked him out of her room.

She thew away her purse, mobile and the ID card around her neck. She quickly shed her office clothes….., the top, the lowers, and everything that was not needed for the act ahead. 

She was all ready to proceed.

She could log into Indiblogger in time…. A little before 09.58 pm, just in time for submitting her Happyhours post…….

She watched the digits on campaign-page’s clock to change from 10 to 9… to 5… to 4.. to 3… to …1.. to 0 finally.

She refreshed the page, found the submit button and pressed with all the force her manicured fingers possessed.

She typed with lightening speed and pressed the submit button again….

The page was taking ages to load. The page seemed to hang……… 

She started to perspire.

Her lips were wet…… her cheeks red with excitement….

Each and every muscle of her body started to contract and expand in a rhythm….

The page was taking long time to load…….

Her excitement growing with every second passing. Her throat went dry. Low pitched moans started to come off her throat.

Looked like she will not be able to sustain more and will pass out…….

….Then suddenly the page loaded and displayed the message
“Your entry has been submitted…..”

She was all over the tip now. Her muscles relaxed, her perspiration stopped. Her breathing eased out. There was a look of extreme satisfaction on her face. She was looking like she has had the ultimate pleasure in the world.

She quickly opened the Indistatus page to know how was her post was ranked in the sequence of submissions.

The page showed she was ranked 101 among the 200 plus post submitted for the 100 vouchers on offer………..

For this, she broken up with her boyfriend, misbehaved with people around, saddened her mother, smashed her dear little brother, but now............

…and then her tears never stopped.

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  1. LOL :) You could have submitted this for one of the HH contests so that they will also know how eager people are for submitting to IB HH contests!!