Friday, 27 February 2015

My Humble Roti!

My humble attempt to describe in words, our humble Roti!

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No. The roti tastes the same- whether round or non-round. 

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I sit at the dinner-table waiting for my wife to serve dinner.

We have a rule in our home. No TV at dinner time. So instead of TV, we gaze at the food served to us. It helps us to appreciate the beauty of the food items, which otherwise would remain unnoticed. 

The Roti is the first one to arrive. Richa, my wife, appears from kitchen with a Plate in hand, the Rotis neatly stacked on it, one over another.

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The aroma of freshly baked dough spreads in the air. All, including me, the kids, and my wife, look lovingly at the round-shaped celestial looking objects called Roti.

Richa places the plate on the table. A whiff of warm air coming from the plate spreads all around and reaches everyone. Our hunger grows, but we have to wait till other things like the Curries and the Daal arrives.

We use the waiting period to ogle at the Rotis placed before us. I place one on my plate and start watching it adoringly. The fair complexion of the Rotis made by Richa would beat that of any Miss India contestant (However unfair it may be, but we Indians have a weakness for the fair complexion).

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The circle of Roti appears to me as a symbol of divinity. The circular shape represents divinity and perfection. That’s why all the celestial bodies- the stars, the planets, the moons are circular in shape. The galaxies too are almost circular, with just a little ovality thrown in them by nature, to end the monotony of the universe.

A deep respect rise in my heart for the Roti placed before me. To me, its entire spread and size resembles the universe. The small brownish spots look like the celestial bodies stationed within it.

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Have you even seen a roti in its final stages of preparation? The flat sheet of dough, after baking on a plate or Tava, is placed directly over the flame to let it inflate. The roti starts inflating rapidly, till it reaches its maximum size. It attains an oval shape during this process. Also, a few black or brown dots appear on the roti’s surface during this.

To me, this whole process appears just like the big bang and formation of universe. God must have crated the universe in the same way. During the big bang too, the universe expanded rapidly just like a roti does when placed over flame.

I see a whole universe in Roti. The universe which Lord Krishna showed to Arjun in the battlefield by opening his mouth. I wonder if Lord Krishna could have shown Arjun a Roti, rather than taking the trouble to open his mouth wide enough to display the universe.

I bow my head in respect before the Roti placed on my dinner plate Adoring its pristine beauty, I remind myself of the prowess the Roti possesses.

It’s the Roti which makes people toil in fields, offices, factories and behind glass-cabins.

Over the humble roti, wars are won and wars are lost. Over Roti, revolutions erupt and Czars get killed.

Over Roti, elections are won and elections are lost.

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As a few more casseroles containing the Curries and Daal arrive on table, it’s time for us to savor the divine Roti. As I bite into the humble yet virtuous piece of this white magic, I feel one with the universe.

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  1. wow....what a beautiful description of a roti...i am in love with roti's!

    1. Thanks Swati for your words of appreciation! Glad that you liked it!

  2. I love the unique take on all a roti can mean! Nice post! - Preeti from

    1. Thanks Preeti for stopping by; and for your nice words!

  3. Hail Roti!
    Nice write up, I liked it for the adulation you shower on Roti.

  4. Never thought about the simple Roti this way! Nice one.

  5. Creatively written, as usual, Saket!
    Heavenly :) Roti means the World & Universe to us!

  6. Love the fact that you respect food and your wife's efforts. Love you description of who a roti comes into being. Bless You….:)