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Food Erotica @Singapore!

The following post is part of a campaign sponsored by the mentioned company. I have written this post as a challenge for my skills of articulation and creativity and do not necessarily endorse all the information provided in it.


I was the last person on earth who would cheat on his wife. My wife Ananya too could never imagine me, even in her distant dreams, having an affair with anyone except her.

However, a night in Singapore changed it all.

*  *  *  *

As I was getting ready for a business trip to Singapore, my sister-in-law (Ananya’s sister) teased her saying,

“Didi, Jiju is going to Singapore alone. And looks like he is going to make most of the opportunity you are giving by letting him go alone.”  “You know what I mean,” she said, tongue in cheek.

However, Ananya just smiled and shrugged off her comments, knowing fully well that nobody else could cast any magic on me the way she had.

We were married for more than five years by now and I had never broken her trust in me. And she believed that I never will.

How wrong she was about me! And how wrong I was about myself!

*  *  *  *

It all happened during that night in Singapore.  I still do not know how I allowed myself to be seduced and how I lost control over my senses.

It was a lovely evening in Singapore slowly turning into night. I was strolling down the road at Serangoon Garden Way happily humming my favourite tune.

Suddenly, I noticed a cosy and beautifully lit place by the side of the street. The signboard read Botanic Gardens Dessert Corner .

I somehow got drawn towards the shop. Entering inside, I was greeted with friendly smiles eager to serve me. I, however, was intending to have just a look around, convinced that I didn’t really want anything there.

How wrong I was!

Just when I was about to leave the place, I saw her.  A beautiful svelte figure, positioned behind the glass partition.

I felt a kind of attraction I had never felt before. I felt an inexplicable urge to go near her and have a closer look. I thought she too was signaling me to come. I instantaneously got pulled towards her.

Reaching near the glass partition, I stood still looking straight into her. There was just a glass partition between me and her.

My eyes got fixated on her. She was there, sitting in a lovely semi-transparent glass outfit, that is, a round shaped dish made of glass.

She looked beautiful and inviting.

The following post is part of a campaign sponsored by the mentioned company. I have written this post as a challenge for my skills of articulation and creativity and do not necessarily endorse all the information provided in it.

Her virgin beauty stunned me. Her semi-transparent glass outfit revealed enough for anyone to go out of senses. I could not take my eyes off her.

Enjoying each moment of the sensuous sight she presented, I inched closer. I breathed deeply trying hard to control myself but I knew I won’t be able to restrain far long from having the ultimate union with her.

Then I noticed her name displayed on a small board. Ais Kacang

Yes, she was Ais Kacang, the famous and the most loved dessert of  Singapore put in a transparent glass bowl placed behind glass partition in the desserts-shelf.

She was an epitome of beauty and poise! A mound of finely shaved ice, sweetened with rose syrup, enriched with evaporated milk, and decorated with red beans, assorted candid fruits and jelly.

 Image Courtesy Far East Hospitality

I could no more tolerate the glass partition between me and her. I asked the person at the counter to handover her to me.

I stretched out my arms for her. As the guy was handing her over to me, each and every cell of my body was filled with anticipation and excitement.

She was looking beautiful in her semi-transparent outfit- the glass bowl. The transparency of the glass bowl revealed all her curves. She was irresistible.

I held her in between my palms feeling the tenderness of her skin.

Hormones raging inside me, I could not wait any more. I slowly started to uncover her, removing the top lid first, and then working downwards.

She seemed to look up towards me shyly but lovingly, waiting for me to make the next move.

I looked at her fondly, from top to bottom.  Seen through the semi-transparent bowl, her skin looked as fair as milk. Her swirly shape was made of crushed ice-flakes. Her fairness turned pink towards the top. Her curves were smooth, shapely and natural.  She could make anyone who looked at her, go mad.

Holding her in between my palms, I slowly pulled her towards me. The dim sensuous light of the dining room bounced off her, adding to her beauty.

She was a beauty from top to bottom. Her bottom was a mound of finely shaved ice. Her bosom had a couple of red coloured fruits looking much like cherries.  Towards her top, she was decorated with red beans, peanuts and sweet corn, fresh and inviting.

 Image Courtesy Wikipedia

I touched her with just one finger of mine, feeling the softness of her skin and she was all over my sense. I slowly started running my fingers over her exploring her more. Her flexible and svelte body twitched and turned. The pressure from my fingers left marks on her impressionable skin.

I pulled her closer to me and breathed deep. The natural smell emanating from her entered my senses. Her smell was mostly natural but enhanced a little with help of some sweet smelling syrup.

I could not resist any more. Bringing her closer to my lips, I kissed her, my lips not parting from her for a long time. Holding her firmly in my hands, I started to relish her. First her milky white skin, then the red-fruits, and then the……………..

I wished I could go on forever………..  . I wished that the night would last forever………..  . I wished that we would never finish………..  .

I had almost reached a climax when the phone rang. Ring-ring, ring-ring………  .

It was Ananya on phone.

“Hi Rahul”, she said from the other side of the phone. “Wassup? What were you doing?” she enquired.

“I….. , I  was just making love………, ” I replied, still not in my senses.

For a few moments, there was absolute silence on the other side. Then she yelled through the phone’s speakers, “What? .......... What did you say ?...............With whom?” her voice seething with anger.

“Well, er…, I mean…..,” I fumbled.

Jolted out of my climax, I wasn’t able to gather my words correctly and was mumbling incoherently.

“Rahul”, said Ananya in a stern voice, “What’s up? You haven’t been in Singapore for more than a few hours and you started cheating on me?” It seemed she would jump out of the phone and confront me, if she could.

I finally came back to my senses. “Actually, I was just making love with the Ais Kacang, Singapore’s most famous dessert,” I said, licking the last few drops of cream from the dish. Then I proceeded to explain what I meant.

“Oh, I see”, said Ananya, sounding relieved. “I knew this”, she chuckled. “I knew you won’t miss me when you are with the Singaporean food”.

Hanging up, I decided to have another romp with Ais Kacang and proceeded towards the counter to help myself with another bowl of the heavenly dessert

*  *  *  *

Ais Kacang is my favourite dessert. A Singaporean dish, Ais Kacang is a mound of finely shaved ice sweetened with flavoured syrups like the palm sugar syrup, sarsaparilla syrup or rose syrup and enriched with condensed milk. The shaved ice is topped with jelly, palm seed (attap chee), red beans, peanuts and sweet corn. I experienced this heavenly dessert served with exotic durian ice-cream and thin slices of banana at the Botanic Gardens Dessert Shop in Singapore. 

It's the Ais Kacang for which I will go to Singapore again and again.

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