Thursday, 7 May 2015

Ek Nayi League

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A great guessing game. What is this Ek Nayi League Kapil might be talking about?

There are many possibilities. The more you think, the more options come up. The You-Tube videos of Kapil do not really clarify what is this Ek Nayi League about.

The hint Kapil gives are as follows-

1.    If the players play with their heart, they are bound to be hit-wicket (fail). Interesting?
2.  The sportsmen never retire.
3.  The women players make us proud.
4.  There is humour involved in this since he mentions Kapil Sharma of Comedy Nights With Kapil.

There are many possibilities. It could be a game like Kaun Banega crorepati or it could be a campaign on health. It could be a campaign on participation on women sportspersons in India. Or it could be mix of quiz and comedy.

So here are my guesses-

1.    The  Ek Nayi League could be a quiz show where the retired or running sportspersons participate. The phrase “The Sports-persons never retire” make me think so. Looks like Kapil plans to host a grand show like in the lines of Kaun Banega Karorpati which will feature famous sports personalities as participants. The participant may have to filed questions from the field of sports as well as other fields. Or may be he will ask Dhoni questions about Tennis and he will ask Sania who led the winning team of first cricket world cup. As Kapil says in the video, the Sportspersons should never retire. It means that they should always keep themselves abreast of the happenings in their sport and other sports also even after retirement.

This type of show will surely be a hit among the audience as people may get to see the sporting heros on screen such as Sachin Tendulkar, Milkha Singh, or may be even Clive Lloyds.

2.  The  Ek Nayi League could be a reality show like “Big Boss” where sportspersons of various fields will stay together in a house for all of us to see how they get along. I wonder how would a Tennis Player feel sharing the room with a cricketer or in particular some Australian cricketer who are not known for their friendly ways.

3.  The  Ek Nayi League could be a dance show like the “Nach Baliye”. The same will feature sports personalities participating under expert choreography and completing with each other for the winner title. The Ek Nayi League name also indicates that for them, indulging in an alien activity like dancing is like getting into a new league. This will be maximum fun as we all know some of the sportspersons, like Sreesanth, are equally good in this art-form as well. Though some of them like Sania may need some training. The phrase “If you play with your heart, you are bound to be hit-wicket” actually means “If you dance with all your heart, you are sure to be a HIT among the masses.

4.  The  Ek Nayi League could be a comedy show where the famous sportspersons will participate and will filed humorous questions from Kapil. The show will be aimed at showcasing the serious as well as lighter side of our sports heros.

5.  The  Ek Nayi League could be a television program which will feature the humanitarian, charity  and social works being undertaken by many of the sporting legends. Like Sachin Tendulkar has been doing a lot of charity works. Each episode may feature a particular sportspersons to tell about the works he / she is doing. The phrase “If you play with your heart, you are bound to be hit-wicket” will be relevant here in the sense that the humanitarian works being done by the sportsperson (and in a different league) is making him a hit with the people.

Eagerly waiting to know what is Ek Nayi League Kapil is be talking about!

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