Saturday, 13 June 2015

Come Closer to Radiant Skin

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Skin is one of the most important part of us. It is the skin which protects us from external infections, weather conditions, and keeps the internal organs of the body in a safe and secured environment.
We take skin for granted. Hence the saying’ “Beauty is skin deep” which actually undermines the important of skin. It is extreameley important to realize the importance of healthiness of our skin for the general health of our body.
A healthy skin leads to a healthy body and likewise a healthy body leads to a healthy skin.
Ayurveda has dealt with health of skin in detail. The methods suggested in Ayurveda are results of thousands of years of research. More importantly, the methods and means of Ayurveda are drawn from the resources of nature and hence are most likely to benefit the body than any other man made methods and means.
Given below are some tips taken from Ayurveda and passed on from generations but are still useful and relevant-
1.       A Healthy Body-  A healthy body houses a healthy skin. Health of our body affects the health of our skin. The skin reflects the general health of rest of the body. Hence to have a healthy skin, it is important to have a healthy body first.
Regular exercise, leading a balance lifestyle to keep away from ailments goes a long way in having a healthy body and hence a healthy skin.
2.       What you eat shows up on skin – Our diet affects the skin directly. If our diet contains toxins when the skin has to deal with the task of flushing these out through perspiration and hence gets affected in the process.
To ensure that the toxins of our food do not affect the skin, one must avoid processed and preserved food, fast foods and junk food as much as possible. Gorging on pizza every other day may be good for your mind but definitely not good for your body and skin. Spicy foods lead to formation of toxins in the body and hence affect the skin too.
So eating healthy food is a way to get the healthy skin.
3.       Avoid cosmetics and use natural products
The temptation to use the glossy and shiny cosmetics to get the desired look of our skin is not easy to avoid. The market is full of cosmetics which may actually be no more than artificially created mix of chemicals. These products may give a temporary shine to the skin may be harmful in the long run.
Ayurveda shows us the way. Usage of products made of natural elements like Vicco range of skin care products is one of the healthy way to get a naturally beautiful and healthy skin.
4.       Avoid over-exposure of under-exposure to Sun- Both under-exposure and over-exposure to the Sun are no good for the skin. Hence spend a healthy amount of time in moderate sunshine but avoid spending long hours in the sun without taking adequate cover for the skin.
5.       Find ways to protect the skin from air- pollution. The pollutants present in the air, take its toll on the skin. Exposure to dust, suspended particles and smoke in the air make them come in contact with skin. The chemicals of pollutants may get absorbed in the skin affecting its health.
To avoid the effect of pollutants, one of the natural ways is to use Vicco Laboratory’s skin care products which provide a protective layer to the skin with natural ingredients.

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