Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Benefits of a balanced healthy diet

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Benefits of a balanced healthy diet

We are what we eat. We rae made of natural substances. Hence our diet needs to have the natural elements in it to get us a healthy status.

What you eat shows up us.  Our diet affects our body directly. If our diet contains toxins then our body has to deal with the task of flushing these out through perspiration and hence gets affected in the process.

To ensure that the toxins of our food do not affect our body, one must avoid processed and preserved food, fast foods and junk food as much as possible. Gorging on pizza every other day may be good for your mind but definitely not good for your body. Spicy foods lead to formation of toxins in the body and hence affect the body too.

So eating healthy food is a way to get the healthy body.

Fruits, grains, fibre and vegetable form the essential part of our diet. Each has its own benefits.

However, one of the most precious gifts nature has given us is the honey.

The honey is a purely natural substance. Its has all the good elements of nature. It offers all the essential nutrients our body needs- sugar, vitamins, minerals and of course energy.

A balanced diet must consists of a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I really seek a king’s breakfast every morning.

When I read about the importance of having a balanced diet, I tried to find more and more about the Dabur honey. And as I went through the virtues of Dabur honey, I became more and more eager to include it in my diet.

The biggest reason I would like to make Dabur honey an ingredient in my meals is the fact that Dabur honey makes the meals not only nutritious but tasty too.

The Dabur honey blend very well with the traditional Indian breakfast recipes and add value to it in terms of taste and healthiness quotient.

When we use honey into traditional Indian meals, the result is mouth-watering dishes which no one can resist. I am sure once one has the taste of a honeyed meal, he will never look back to an ordinary meal.

Honey with a combination of grains, fruits, milk or various other ingredients tastes heavenly to any Indian taste buds.

The honeyed meal makes a balanced diet and combines the taste and healthiness.

I love fruits too. I love them for the vitamins they offer without filling me with calories. But eating plain fruits for breakfast is not my choice. I like to combine the fruits with honey to add value to the taste as well as important nutrients which the fruits provide.

A balanced diet contains honey. The Dabur honey gives it a unique flavour.

A balanced diet is never complete without sugar in it. Instead of having desserts made of processed sugar, it is better to sweeten the dish with Dabur honey. This makes sure that the dessert does not contain large number of calories but is good in taste. A balanced diet dessert can be made with butter and condensed milk, enriched with honey.

The diet containing Dabur honey are my favourite since it gives me the energy required to start and sustain the day.

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