Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Khuljaye Bachpan

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I wonder how the things of our day to day life which we call silly are the ones who contribute maximum to our happiness. Trivial things give us the joy which big things may not give.

Another wonder for me is how the little children find joy in every small thing of this world while we grownups fail to see. The little children derive pleasure from things which we adults will conveniently ignore.

Here I share the small silly things which my baby likes, and expresses his pleasure by laughing at.

1.  The Pillow walk

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The pillow walk is a little different from the pillow talk. Nothing pleases my baby more than watching me walk with a pillow on my head. It’s one of the first activities we do together during my time with him in the evening. I keep a thick fat pillow on my head trying to balance it and walk from a distance towards him rolling my eyes. While I have a tough time balancing the pillow on my head and walk without letting the pillow fall, my baby bursts into laughter. I make faces while trying not to let the pillow fall, and he bursts into laughter looking at my funny face.

I have to deliberately drop the pillow a few times, so that he gets an extra kick out of seeing the pillow drop to floor.

I wonder if I too could derive happiness from small things in life such as this.

2.  The small seeds growing into sprouts
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My baby and I brought a small pot, filled it with good garden earth. I sprayed a few mustard seeds into it. In a few days, tiny sprouts emerged from the earth. When my baby saw the little sprouts in the pot, his face brightened. Even at this tender age, he understood that the sprouts had emerged from the seeds we had sown, and he kept on looking at them mesmerised. I thing even at this young age, he understood the ‘magic of creation’, the magic which God creates every here and there, every now and then, in every part of this universe.

I wish I too could appreciate the beauty of the creative spirit which fills this world. Every molecule, every atom of this universe is capable of creating something. And to watch something good being created is one of the biggest pleasure.

3.  Pack it- It’s my gift!

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My baby understands what a gift is. And he loves gifts. Actually he is a passionate about gifts. He desires a gift every day, and sometimes even on hourly basis.

It’s very hard to cope up for us parents. Though sometimes we do buy toys for him and gift him- neatly packed in coloured papers, but sometimes we have to wrap in glossy papers articles available around us like a pencil, a book, a banana, or just a pack of cards, and present him as a gift. The happiness he displays on receiving the gift makes up for the efforts we have to put in in creating gifts for him multiple times a day. He lovingly unfolds the wrapping, takes out the gift, adores it for whatever it is, and then again wraps it back with the wrapping. He doesn’t let the wrapping go into dust-bin. He preserves it carefully-sometimes more carefully than the gift itself.

He has taught me a lesson in this. Love the wrappings as much as the gifts. I have started to feel that the God sends his love to us as a gift through various persons, ways and means. While love is a gift from God, the persons – family, friend etc. - are the gift-wrappings through whom this gift reaches us. And the wrapping is no less important than the gift itself. So do just enjoy the gift, love the wrappings too.

4. Our chocos time together!
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Come morning and my child is eager to greet the day with me. He is an early riser like me. Just after the sun lights up the sky and the land, he and I take our places in the spacious balcony facing east. My wife lays a small table for us and we sit on the chairs looking outside towards the morning glory, listening to the birds chirping.

In moments, comes my wife with bowls of simmering mil and Chocos. For two of us! Yes, I do make it a point to have Chocos with him just to encourage him have his breakfast.

As we take the tasty and healthy breakfast together, we look outside towards the Sun, the trees, the birds and the grass. This is the time I teach him to be thankful to God for all the good things he has given us - the family, the sky, the earth, the beauty around and most importantly, for the nourishing food which we have in the bowls placed before us. And in turn, he teaches me thing like how eat Chocos without making a slurping sound, how to finish Chocos fast, how to share the almonds his mom puts in his bowl and most importantly how to start the day with a smile.

Another Chocos day in life begins.


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