Thursday, 20 August 2015

Shift To 4th Gear!

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Enough is enough! We have driven in 3rd gear enough. Now it’s high time to shift to 4th gear. But does your car (or mobile service provider) have a 4th gear?

Remember riding your old scooter which had only 3 gears. You shift to 3rd gear, even then the scooter does not zoom ahead. It vibrated, made strange sounds, did everything but speedup beyond a limit- maximum 50 or 60 Km/hr.

Then came the age of smooth, sleek motorbikes which had the 4th gear. You hurried through the first 3 gears only to reach to the 4th gear as soon as possible. And then you zoomed ahead with a sudden surge of passion and ecstasy in your mind and body, while your girlfriend held you tightly from behind.

Such was the fun in having a fourth gear.

The 4th gear revolution which was happened in bikes, is happening in the cell-phone services today. With the Airtel 4G having arrived in India.

Gone are the days when you had to wait endlessly to download a song, or a picture or a video in WhatsApp. You had to click the video and by the tile it downloaded, you lost interest in watching the same. You never thought of downloading a movie – it would take lesser time to go to the cinema hall, stand in queue, but the ticket, watch the movie and come back. And cheaper too.

However, the Airtel 4G has come as a game changer.

Now it requires just a touch from your finger and the movie gets downloaded before you wink. The videos download with lightning speed. Downloading not just songs but complete albums is a seconds’ play. You skype-chat in real-time and upload your videos in YouTube with the speed of a supersonic jet. You click upload button and before you can think, the video is already uploaded, watched and shared by hundreds of people over Airtel 4G.

And this is what I am going to do once I get the Airtel 4G in my mobile.

1.   Make videos and upload- Making films is my passion. All types, documentaries, feature films, entertainment videos, music videos etc. I love sharing these with my fan following in YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms. The Airtel 4G is going to allow me make and upload many times more videos than now. And guess what I am going to do in the time I save in uploading the videos….. Make more videos!

2.   Skype, skype and skype- I can’t stay more than an hour without skype-chatting with my friends. I am always online. I am online when I am eating, I am online when I am reading, I am online when I am bathing, I am online when I am exercising, and I am online when I am standing in the line for the metro. With the Airtel 4G, it will be so much of pleasure to indulge in a smooth and clear video chat.

3.   Browse- My work involves a lot of internet search. I need to search and collect information related to my subject almost always. The slow internet has always been a displeasure to deal with. The Airtel 4G, I can imagine, will change the way I work, and enhance the productivity. And what a pleasure it would be to finish the work an hour earlier than usual and spend an extra hour with my family in the evening.

4.   Navigation- I use the net based navigation tools extensively while driving in the city. The slow 3G connection always irritate me. With navigation assisted by a fast Airtel 4G connection, driving would be so much fun.

5.   More blogging more and more blog-surfing- With the Airtel 4G on my side, why would I not blog more, uploading say at least one post every day? And with Airtel 4G, video-logging too will be so much convenient.

I can’t wait to have Airtel 4G in my mobile.


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