Tuesday, 17 November 2015

This Mother Is Made Of Great!

You should have been the last person to inspire me. After all, born in a village of Yugoslavia, how could you have become the inspiration of a person belonging to Visakhapatnam, India, thousands of kilometers away?

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But Mother, today I look at you as someone whom I see as #madeofgreat, someone who left a lasting impression on me.

You were not my biological mother, but you went on to become my mother, a million others’ mother, and The World’s Mother.

I was only six year old then. But I had a basketfull of complaints about my life. I had complaints about my nagging parents, irritating siblings, atrocious food which I had to eat everyday, cruel teachers, lousy and outdated toys, selfish friends, and about having to share my room with my sibling.

I hated myself, I hated my family, my school, my neighbours and everything around me. I did not know how I was going to cope up with this irritating world in the coming years.

Then I met you, Mother. It was a trip arranged by my school to the Missionaries of Charity. And my life changed ever after.

There I saw you for the first time, draped in a white saree with a blue border and a scarf around your hair. 

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You were talking to an orphan child with your head bowed and your face lit up with a with a smile on your face.

All of six year old, I was visiting the Missionaries of Charity and seeing orphan children everywhere and then watching you take all of them in your fold. I didn’t know what it meant to me at that time. I only knew that something happened to me, something in me moved. There was something in you, which transformed me into another world.

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In that home of yours in Kolkata, called the Missionaries of Charity, I saw hundreds of children who had neither mother nor father. They had no one to hold their finger while they learnt to walk, no one to bake them a cake or gift a bicycle on their birthday. They had no siblings to play and fight with, and no toys to break. They had no bed to sleep in, and no one to cuddle to in the mornings. They had no one to complain to about the food. They had no one to wait for them when they came from school.  In fact, they had no school. They had no books to hate, no new clothes to show off, and no shoes to be made dirty in the mud. 

Suddenly I realized how blessed I was. I had caring parents, loving siblings to play with, a cozy bed to sleep in, and a plateful of food placed on the breakfast table every morning.

How I saw you becoming a mother of all those deprived children! You took them in your fold and bestowed them with love and care they craved for. I saw you holding hands of thousands of them. I saw you showering them with selfless love and care as they tried to find a place for them in this cruel world.

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A hundred questions raced in my mind. Who were you? Did you not have your own children?  Why were you not with your own family? Why did you come thousands of kilometers away from your home to care for children unknown to you? Why were you doing this? And lastly, why did you look so happy doing this?

As I learnt more, I was overwhelmed to know that you had chosen to be a mother to thousands of children instead of just a few.

Suddenly, Mother, you became my first inspiration. You inspired me to think that I must not take for granted everything I had. 

You were one of those who is truly #madeofgreat, someone who taught me how to live a life. You became my inspiration telling me how to love life by loving others.

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The time passed. But the memory of you draped in white saree had etched in my mind as I grew up through the my teen years and then into adulthood.

Then as a young adult, I started my career and love life. And I started to have my triumphs and moments of despair in both.

Then a time came when I was about to give up hope. Having been betrayed at work and rejected in love, I didn’t know what to do with my life. I didn’t know what I wanted from life.

It was then, Mother, that the memories of you draped in white saree and serving others selflessly flashed in my mind. It was then that I decided to take a sabbatical from work and join your Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata. And when I was near you, I felt nearest to God.

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There, Mother, every day I saw you touching the old and the sick, the disabled and the weak; holding their hands in yours, praying for them, and making them feel that the God loves them.

Again, Mother, you came out to me as an expert on the purpose of life, on how to feel God's presence near me, how to feel blessed while caring for others, and how to feel the eternal peace within myself.

Image Courtesy Discerninghearts.com

Though I came back from my sabbatical a few months later and settled well in my career and life, my perspective of life changed forever. Mother, it is because of you that I can say today that I am an expert in the art of living. You were the one who taught me this….., without even saying a word.

You may not be my biological mother, but you will always remain a mother to my soul. You are a person whom I will always think about as someone #madeofgreat 

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  3. You were near her? You worked with her? Did I get it right?! Wow, superb to hear that. Touching!


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