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Gajar Halwa, Made With Sugar Free Natura And Love

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Food, when blend with a little love, becomes more beautiful!

And Love, spiced up with a little food, lasts longer!

Today is Anusha’s birthday. Though she celebrates the kids’ birthdays enthusiastically and buys me presents on mine, she never makes any fuss about her birthday.

She wakes up as usual, gets into her tracksuit and proceeds for her morning jog after getting a happy birthday hug from me.

Today being Sunday, she will take longer than usual to return, attending her Yoga session after the jogging and then some grocery shopping.

I walk into kitchen with a tea cup  in my hand and an idea in my mind.

Finishing my tea, I proceed towards the fridge. I am going to prepare Gajar Halwa.

A fitness freek, Anusha is very conscious of her sugar intake. So we always prepare our desserts with Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar.

Gajar Halwa is Anusha’s favourite. Though she normally avoids sweets, she just can’t resist Gajar Halwa. What could be a better day than today, to surprise her with her favourite dish made at home by me!

I am not famous for my culinary skills, but I am not a bad cook either. I had actually honed my skills well during Anusha’s four months' trip abroad for her foreign assignment. Today is the day when I have my chance to impress her.

I get all the details, the ingredients, and the procedure from internet. My left-brain pick-up the logical details fast. I just need to shake up my right-brain to beckon some creativity.

Here is the recipe I decide to follow-

Pure ghee  3 tbsp
Skimmed milk    2 cups
Green cardamom powder     1/4 tsp
Sultanas     10-15
Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar      1/3 cup
Khoya, grated     1/4 cup
Pistachios, blanched, peeled and sliced 10-12

Heat pure ghee in a kadai. Add grated carrots and sauté for about five minutes.

Add skimmed milk and cook.

Add green cardamom powder, sultanas and Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar and mix. Cook for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Add khoya and mix. Cook till the mixture is almost dry. Garnish with pistachios.

Serve hot or cold.

For Sugar Free Natura powder concentrate users please use 18 measures of the special spoon provided in the pack

I put all the ingredients in various Casseroles and Mixing BowlsCarrots, Milk, Ghee, Sugar, Cardamom, Raisins and Cashew-nuts.

The bright red colour of the garden-fresh carrots is making them look like Angelina Jolie’s lips.

I cook the grated carrot along with milk and sugar in a Microwave Safe BowlI watch the bowl rotating inside the microwave. To me, it seems like a celestial body rotating in space prior to transforming into a star.

The milk evaporates quickly leaving a thick mix of carrots and condensed milk, a little brown in colour.  The reddish-brawn mix looks like the layer of lava formed after some volcanic eruption.

A few steps and some minutes later, the pristine Red Gajar Halwa is ready.

I put the Halwa in a Serving PlateThe aroma emanating from it engulfs my senses. Its subtle red colour and the matte texture remind me of the Red Sand Desert in Wyoming we had visited during our recent vacation. The red colour symbolizes the energy. The white streaks of condensed milk visible in-between breaks the monotony of red colour and indicates that all colours of nature can live in co-existence. The transparent wall of Borosil Serving Plate seems to be in perfect harmony with the bright red colour of Halwa.  

The tiny white pieces of cashew look up from the riot of red in their bid to get noticed. The distinct aroma of cardamom reminds me of spice gardens of South India. The subtle flavour of Ghee seems eager to pamper everyone with its richness.

The Sunrays coming from the window fall on HalwaThe bright red surfaces of Halwa begin to shine, giving a divine look. The rays falling on the white pieces of cashew, bounce off making them look like nuggets embedded in some crown. The raisins with a promise of sweetness wait in their place to prove their worth.

I look at my creation the way an artist would look at his painting or a sculptor would look at his creation in stone.

The kids wake up and come inside kitchen.  The elder one is rubbing his eyes upon seeing me in kitchen with a plateful of steaming Halwa placed on the table. He starts to think that he is dreaming. The younger one is amused and is watching my piece of artwork with interest.

Anusha opens the door and comes in. Entering into kitchen, she says ‘wassup?, and then pauses. Her eyes fixed on the plate of Halwa, her face displays emotions of surprise and pleasure.

“Dad made this,” Informs the elder kid, “For you”.

Anusha looks at me and smiles. A smile that beats the sunshine. A smile that says, “I love you”.

The kids are eager to taste the exotic dish I have made. Anusha asks them to go finish brushing their teeth with a promise that we all will have it together soon.

With kids away in the bathroom, Anusha draws near me saying, “Rahul, you spent the entire morning making this Halwa?” “For me?” with her voice and eyes wet with emotions.

 “Yes,” I say, and then try to seek her approval, “How does it look?”

“It’s the most beautiful food I have even seen,” she says, managing to plant a kiss on my cheek just before the kids arrive.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
Visit know how beautiful and soul sweetening the food could be with the Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar.

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This post is written for the  Sugar Free Dessert Challenge by Sugar Free in IndiBlogger.

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