Thursday, 10 December 2015

Hello Tourist! I Am The Dustbin Speaking.......

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Hello tourist! Iam the dustbin speaking....


Yes, I am speaking to you. Haven’t you heard a dustbin speaking before? No? Well yeah, dustbins rarely speak. And when they do, you barely hear them. Do you?

Image Source Wikimedia

Today I have decided ‘Enough is enough’, I must speak up now. I can not remain a silent spectator to the things around me. For long I have kept my voice suppressed, but I will not remain silent now. And you must hear me now!

When they made me in factory, shaped me into a cylindrical drum, polished me green and gave me a beautiful lid to wear, I felt proud of myself. They told me I am going to be one of the most important things in the civilized history of the world. I am going to do great favour to the mankind by accumulating all the disease causing waste, rubbish and garbage and keeping these away from men, women and children, thus helping them to live a healthy life. I felt proud of myself that I will be playing such an important part in keeping the world a beautiful place.

Then I along with my hundreds of brothers were taken out from factory, and placed all over this tourist destination at different places. I happily occupied my place by the side of a busy street passing between a residential complex and a park. I was happy to be there, eager to perform my duties for the vacationing tourists like you.

However, it has been an eternal wait since then. I wait for the garbage to come so that I can grab it and keep it in captivity till the municipal corporation garbage collection truck takes it from me.

However, I found that you did not bother to feed me. While I waited greedily, the tourists like you throw your garbage i.e. left-over food food packings, empty fast-food packets and cool-dring bottles in the empty corner of the park instead of inside me. Ha, such an insult! You did so because you didn’t want to walk a few extra meters. I was a few meters away from you, while the corner of the park where you dumped the garbage was just in front of you. I felt cheated.

Image Source Wikimedia

the tourists like you who who pass by me do not care about me. You hold interesting objects in hand, empty cans of cold-drinks, half eaten chips packets, cigarette butts, and many such things. To my horror, you choose to through these things on the street itself, just where they are, ignoring me completely. I cry in my heart sometimes on the apathy shown by the tourists towards me.

I see the street littered with garbage in front of my eyes, while I remain empty. My emptiness has now started to pinch me.

Then there are kids from your group who come here and throng the amusement parks, aquarium, sea-shore and gardens.  They happily lick the ice-creams, drink cool-drinks from shiny cans, munch potato-chips from colourful packets, while I greedily wait for them to throw the left-overs and the packets inside me. However, these kids throw the half eaten food, packets, drink-cans at all places but in the dustbin. Sure, they must be good in their own place keeping their schools clean, may be under the watchful eyes of their teacher.  But when they are on vacation, they throw the garbage at wrong place. These things spread all over the adjacent ground which some people use for their morning jog. I keep on looking towards this garbage greedily while these rot there.

Image Source Wikimedia

Every time the garbage truck comes to my street, it finds me empty and leaves giving me a contemptuous look. And now, it has even started to skip making me a visit. Earlier, it used to come every day, but now it has started to make weekly visits only.

And surprisingly, the people living in this beautiful tourist city have started to suffer from ailments due to unhygienic conditions like, mosquito borne diseases like Dengue and Malaria. The Municipal Corporation authorities are having hard time in  cleaning-up the area.

All this makes my blood boil. I want to scream, shout and warn tourists like you about what they are doing. But my voice remained inaudible. However hard I scream, the voice was barely audible.

Then something happened one day. A young couple who perhaps were on their honeymoon, came along the street. The young woman was munching something. I saw her emptying a a bar of chocolate into her mouths. Then she took out the empty wrapper, walked down to me and threw the those inside me.

I was so happy that after so many days, someone has used me and thrown garbage in me instead of the street.

A strange, but pleasant smell was emanating from the chocolate warpeer. I breathed in and started feeling satiated. The remaining bits of chocolate in the wrapper were giving vapours which were soothing. Suddenly I felt my happy. Suddenly I felt sweetening of my soul. Suddenly I felt that I have a voice. Suddenly I felt that I can speak, shout, and scream loudly.

And then I shouted loudly to attract your attention. It was then that you turned to me and now I am speaking to you.

I see that hearing my loud scream the tourists have come curiously and now are looking towards me.And now when I have got all of your attention, then let me speak  certain things to you loud and clear-
Ø I am very much here! Open your eyes. I am your Dustbin. I am here, just a few meters away from the sea-beach, amusement park, museum, and restaurants your are visiting here.

Ø Use me! I am hungry. Feed me!

Ø Feed me anything. Feed me all those things which you throw on street, into the corner of park, or over the park's boundary wall.

Ø I promise, I will keep this lovely tourist destination clean, and as beautiful as it is now. But only if you feed me garbage and not to the street or drain in the corner of the park.

Ø And if anyone stops me from helping you, be it the ignorant tourist who throw garbage everywhere but inside me, the Municipal Corporation who doesn’t empty me every day, or anyone else, please speak up! And Speak Up Loud. Don’t be a silent spectator. It’s you voice, it’s your opinion which will make a difference!
Look, how I spoke up! Look, how I spoke up for myself and for you. I expect you to speak up the same way.

If you still don’t know what and how to speak up, please join the campaign on Responsible Tourism by Outlook Traveller. Once you do that I am sure nobody can stop you from speaking up.

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  1. I like the humour in this.
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    1. Thanks Indrani, for your nice words.....

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