Monday, 14 December 2015

The Adam Blogged. And So Did His Sons....

The God created the world. He created various species, the sea creatures, the birds, and the ones who ventured in jungles.

Then he created Adam and Eve. 

God bestowed each species with some unique skill, a natural art. He gave birds, especially the male bird, a melodious voice, a natural gift for singing. The male birds sang in melodious voice attracting the females. They mated and their species flourished.

While in jungle, the peacocks were bestowed with beautiful feather and dancing feet. The peacock spread its colourful feathers and danced. The peahens could not resist the lure, so came and mated. Their species flourished too.

Likewise, under the sea, the male fish had colourful tails which they displayed to attract the female fish.

On the land, the male musk deer seduced females by emanating an overpowering smell……., and the gorillas thumped theirs hairy chest to prove their physical awesomeness to the females.

All this was God’s design. He had blessed each of the species with one particular trait which formed  part of their mating strategy.  God wanted each species to grow in number and flourish. He wanted to create a beautiful world inhabited by species of varied kinds.

Each species had a mating strategy of its own……, except the humans. And that's why their number had not increased. There were just two of them- The Adam, and the Eve. 

The Eve never showed any interest in Adam......

The Adam wondered what it will take to attract Eve?…….. First, he tried singing like a bird, but Eve disapproved this by covering her ears with palms with disgust written on her face.

Then he tried to dancing around Eve like a peacock. Eve, instead of getting flattered, burst out in laughter, which clearly was a ridicule.

The Adam even tried to imitate Musk Deer. He rubbed sweet smelling flowers all over his body and then waited for Eve to come to him like butterflies come to flower. However, all Eve said was, “Your body odour mixed with these wild flowers is so weird. Go bathe or else you will attract fleas.”

Finally he tried displaying his well-built bare chest to showcase his physical prowess, like the male gorilla. But Eve, Instead of getting dovey eyed, displayed an expression of utter disgust on her face.

The Adam was dispirited. He prayed to God, “Oh God. You gave males of each species a peculiar trait to be used as mating strategy to attract the female. Why didn’t you bestow upon me, any such thing?”

The God pondered for some time, then said, “Son, I will give you, the male species of the human race, something which no other specifies has. Then he taught Adam the art of blogging8.

Adam went back and started blogging. He drew nice pictures on cave-walls, rocks, tree-barks and on the wooden logs of fallen tress. He drew mysterious symbols and intriguing shapes on these. He described  animals,  sea, the sun and the moon, jungle and his everyday life in his blogs.

Eve was bowled over by this new trait Adam was displaying. She got seduced by the mystery that lied behind the brain which produced such inscriptions and images. Her primitive Darwinian instincts told her that mating with Adam, (who seemed to possess the most developed brain among all the males of all species), would give her maximum chance of producing intellectually rich offsprings.

Needless to tell that they mated. Their offsprings went on to multiply in large numbers and developed into human race. Soon the human species ruled the earth.

And yes, they blogged. First they blogged on cave-walls and tree barks. Then they did so on large leaves, and on something they called wood. They found newer and newer things to blog on, like marble, paper and finally in empty air (the Blogger and Wordpress).

And yes, with time, not just the human males but the human females too started blogging. The art which had developed as male’s mating strategy, soon found its way into the female brain. The females too blogged and blogged and blogged......, and somewhere along the timeline, the females left their male counterparts far behind (bagging most of the Indiblogger contest prizes). 

The males did not complain. They were happy that they had company now, in the wonderland of blogging gifted to human race by God.

This post is written on following prompt
Disclaimer- This blog-post is not a part of any mating strategy of the author, but has been written just for the abovementioned a prompt in Indiblogger…….


  1. Haha...this is just wonderful.... :-D

    1. Thanks, Maniparna.....Feel happy to know that you liked.

  2. What a fun post! I laughed out at the disclaimer :)

    1. Thanks, Hema! Thanks for letting me know that it amused you.

      Yeah, I enjoyed writing that last line more than the post.

  3. An out of the box thinking Saket....Loved the last lines where females have overtaken you on the blogging front...hilarious read!

    1. Thanks Specs Buffy, for letting me know that you found it amusing....

      Yeah, females of the human race are fast overtaking the males everywhere.... blogging may be just a beginning...... But we are not complaining. It will be fun to compete.

      .....And who knows, it may perhaps contribute to evolution of males...... into a more competent type :)

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    1. Thanks, Kriti. The beautiful comment for the post from a beauty blogger, sure carries value. :)