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The Spiral beauty named Jalebi

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The Spiral beauty named Jalebi, looks just like a galaxy to me!

Neha, my wife, has recently learnt to make Jalebis. Jalebis are our kids’ favourite and this was the motivation behind her effort to learn.

Today is Sunday and Neha has promised me and kids hot Jalebis for the afternoon snack.

As we are very fitness conscious, all desserts are made with Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar and Jalibis are not going to be an exception.

She has been in the kitchen for the last half an hour with a cookbook in her hand. I decide to go help her. She welcomes me to assist.  Looks like she has sensed that it’s not going to be easy to bring those spiral shaped items from picture to the reality.

By the time I join, the mix is all ready, kept in a large bowl. The mix seems just perfect, somewhat off-white in colour, and is giving away a distinct flavor.

Neha pours a few drops of colour in the mix and asks me to stir. Upon stirring, the redness of the few drops spreads throughout the mix. Like at Sunrise, the first few rays of sun make a small piece of sky pinkish red. Then in a few moments, the redness spreads throughout the sky. The transparent walls of the bowl makes it look more elegant.

I enjoy the colours of dawn while stirring the mix. She takes a spoonful of wet mix in a piece of cloth with a perforation at bottom. As if a sculptress is preparing for carving her masterpiece.

In a Kadai, the oil is on the verge of boiling. The white fumes emanating from its surface are moving upwards. I imagine the hell to be like this. I remember my grandma’s tales where hell was described as a place where all the evil people are fried in oil in large Kadais.

Neha positions her hand over the boiling oil of Kadai and allows a streak of mix fall on the hot oil surface. The mix touches the surface of oil, makes a sound and begins to float. The moisture escapes upwards making a white streak. She moves her hand in deft circular motion to give the Jalebi its spiral shape.

The shape of Jalebis is strikingly similar to that of our galaxy Milky Way. In making of Jalebi, I start seeing the formation of a galaxy. The mass containing stars and planets comes into contact with energy and the stars and planets start arranging themselves along a spiral, guided by perhaps some divine hand.

The Jalebi starts floating on the oil and turning brown. The smell emanating from the Kadai has changed the smell of hot oil to the smell of essence which was added to the mix.

Neha waits for the Jalebi to turn more brownish. Now it’s time to immerse the Jalebi into an ocean of sweetness. Filled in another bowlis sweet syrup of Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar, waiting for the Jalebis to arrive.

Neha lifts the Jalebi, shakes away the excess oil and immerses in the sugar syrup. The Jalebis seem to be happy to be shifted from the hot hell to the sweet heaven. They soak in the syrup, expand a little and start looking more sensuous and titillating to me.

Having seen the practical demonstration, I am enthused to try my hand in making them too. I lean fast and churn out more than a dozen Jalebis in next few minutes.

I help Neha to shift the Jalebis from the dish containing Sugar Free Natura syrup to the serving bowl

We lay the dishes,  for the afternoon feast. The kids join us in adoring the spiral beauties full of sweet promise before we start savouring them.


1/2 cup (60 gm) maida (refined flour)
1/4 cup (50 gm) dahi  (yogurt) preferably sour
Oil/ghee for frying
A square piece of cloth with a hole in it, or a strong plastic bag for piping out the 'jalebis'
1 cup (240 gm) water
1/2 tsp kesar

Mix the flour and dahi to form a thick smooth paste (dropping consistency), adding water if necessary and leave to ferment for 6-7 hours (time depending on the weather).

When the batter is ready it should be spongy and have suggestions of bubbles on the surface.

Make the syrup by dissolving Sugar Free Natura and saffron in the water, over low heat, then cook over high heat till slightly thick.

When lifted with a spoon and poured back into the pan, it should falls in a thin smooth stream, or when a drop of it is cooled a little, press it between your thumb and forefinger and then pull the fingers apart, a suggestion of a thread should be formed. Keep warm, till you fry the 'jalebis'.

Take a shallow, heavy pan and heat the ghee/oil till a drop of batter dropped in, comes up at once. Fill the bag with the batter. Twist the opening to seal the bag. Snip one lower corner of the bag to make a small hole, through which you can pipe out the `jalebis'. The smaller the hole, the thinner the jalebis.

Hold the bag over the hot fat and pipe out swirls (like whirlpools), of the desired size, straight into it. Make as many such rounds as come in comfortably without touching each other. Lower the heat to medium and turn the 'jalebis' over and fry till a light brown on both sides.

Lift out the fried jalebis, drain out the fat and put them into the Sugar Free Natura syrup. Leave it for a minute or so, and then again lift it out.

Serve it hot.


Visit know how beautiful and soul sweetening the food could be with the Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar.

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