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The White Magic With Sugar Free Natura

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Placed gracefully in front of me, is a large dish containing a thick white mix of cooked rice, milk, and nuts, or Kheer, as we call it.

I stare at the round transparent dish and the Kheer contained in it. It’s a Sunday and Surabhi, my wife, has chosen the heavenly, homemade Kheer as our Sunday-Desert.

And as we are very conscious of our sugar intake, she has made the Kheer with Sugar Free

Here is how it was made

Rice Kheer Recipe

Milk (2cup)

Cooked rice (1cup) (I use basmati because it gives the nice flavour)

Saffron (small amount crushed with sugar)

Raisin (10-12)

Cashew (10-12)

Cardamom powder (1/2tbsp)

Pistachio (1tbsp crushed)

Evaporate milk (1/2 can)

Making of Kheer
Take a pan add milk to it. When it starts boiling add your cooked rice to it. If you will cook the general rice little more then it will take less time to make the rice pudding Kheer.

Add Sugar Free Narura Diet Sugar to the rice and stir it continuously otherwise it will burn. Boil it at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Add the saffron to the milk and again stir for 5 minutes.

Add the evaporate milk, cashew, raisin to the creamy Indian Kheer.

Again boil it 5 to 7 minutes. Remember rice will soak more milk while cooling down so leave more milk in the Kheer else it will become really thick.

Now the Kheer is ready to serve. 

The Kheer has been made early hours of the morning and then allowed to cool inside refrigerator. Coming out of the fridge it’s cool; both in looks and in touch.

The snowy white top surface of the Kheer is slightly convex. Like the surface of the sea looks curved-up when seen from the shore. This one seems like a white sea.  A sea frozen at the surface, covered with a thick layer of white ice. Looking at the Kheer, I remember the Arctic ocean of North Pole, over which I flew during a trans-continental flight.

The large size of dish goes well with my idea of the Kheer being an ocean of ice and icebergs. Where ever you see, you see whiteness. The morning rays of Sun coming from the window fall on its surface and bounce off in all directions.  The transparent walls of the dish allows and all-round view of Kheer. The flakes of rice protruding from the surface, look like snow-flakes and give it a slight matte texture.

Upon a closure look, I see some icebergs- pieces of cashew- in this frozen sea. The nuts seem suspended in the Kheer trying to come up and float like icebergs in the sea.

Breaking the monotony of colour white, are other nuts- almonds, pistachio, and walnut. These look like precious gems buried in the underbelly of sea. A few have surfaced and look like small ships cruising slowly across the sea.

I can feel the aroma of cardamom emanating from it. Feels Like the flavor of wild flowers coming from some island full of flowers and trees. A few wasps have come inside and hovering over the dish, probably mesmerized- like me- with the white magic laid on the table. Looks like they too are preferring, for today, this man-made nectar over the flowers’.

Surabhi comes and sprinkles some fine saffron on the Kheer. The fine flakes of saffron settle themselves on the surface forming a patter like crop-circles. The pristine white colour of the Kheer with the reddish crop-circles on it makes it appear more divine.

With my impatience growing I take a large Bowl for me from t. Helping myself with a large scoop of thick Kheer, I settle down at the dining table. The Kheer has made the bowl cool. I hold the bowl in my hand.  Its smooth curved surfaces feel soothingly cool to my fingers. I can not help but adore the beauty of the duo- the bowl and the Kheer.

The White magic of Kheer has already cast its spell on me. I put in a spoonful of Kheer in my mouth. The aroma overpowers me. The divine mix of cooked rice, milk and nuts seems melting in my mouth and quickly reaches my soul. The Feels like heaven.

Visit know how beautiful and soul sweetening the food could be with the Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar.

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This post is written for the  Sugar Free Dessert Challenge by Sugar Free in IndiBlogger.

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