Sunday, 3 January 2016

Captain Luke And The Time Wrap of 2015

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What are the 5 Lessons 2015 has taught you?

Captain Luke Skywalker in his space-ship had just started to venture into galaxy-2016 when he received an SOS call from the command centre ‘Indispire.’

“ Captain, You must visit and relive the past five events of 2015, or else the space will gobble-up the time,” the voice from command centre pleaded.

“For unknown reasons, the time and space equation of universe has become unstable, and you need to fix it. This is possible only if you re-visit the five events of past and anchor the time firmly there. Otherwise, the time will get sucked into space,” said the voice from command centre at “Indispire.”

The command center’s forecast soon began to turn true. The time had already started to behave madly. Time, instead of working in tandem with space, was getting sucked into it. Following a vortex like path, it was just wrapping itself around the space before disappearing into it. And as this phenomenon was taking place, weird things had started to happen in the world- Children were being born before their parents were born, death started to precede birth, the dinosaurs and humans were seen co-existings, the mammoths appeared at New York’s Times Square, and Sun's energy started to change into mass, making it bigger and bigger but colder and colder every passing moment.

Caption Luke knew he will have to act fast. He was commanding something which was not just a “Spaceship,” but it was a “Time-ship” as well, capable to venturing into unexplored territories of both space and time. His time-ship could enter into any time of future and past. And while doing so, if it manages to keep the world in the same virtual co-ordinates as its own, the world too would travel with it, in past or in future.

Captain Luke knew that existence of universe depended upon him. He quickly put the spaceship into time mode, thus converting it into a time-ship and reached the first critical event of 2015- The Terrorist Attack at Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Since he could manage to keep his ship at the same universal co-ordinates as rest of the world,  the world too travelled with him back to that event.

As Luke passed through the event, he, as well as the world grit its teeth reliving the painful event. But as planned, availing the opportunity, captain Luke, Passing through the event, anchored one end of time firmly into the space.

Then he let his time-ship, travel to the next four targeted anchoring events- The Nepal Earthquake, The Greece Bailout Vote, The Start of Civil War in Syria, and The Volkswagen Emission Scandal. Using his time-ship’s powers, Luke kept on anchoring the time at every opportunity making it more and more stable, restoring the space-time balance of the universe.

Then he made a mistake. He decided to revisit a sixth event, his favourite, Discovery of water on Mars, just because he personally wanted to re-live it. This was a mistake that should have not been done.

However, his re-visiting more than the optimal number of events threw the space-time equation again out of balance….., this time in the reverse direction. Now the time became dominant and space became weak. The time started to eat away the space. The universe started to shrink. The Sun, stars, galaxies, started to disappear.  The inter-atomic spaces and the space between protons and electrons in the atoms started to vanish. All mass started to shrink.

The universe started to implode.

Luke, realized the consequences. Soon, all space would become zero, and the universe will be left with just time and nothing else. The universe was heading towards becoming a Time Black Hole which would suck-up all space of the universe. This Time-Black-Hole would exist for infinite time but would be of no use as without the space, the universe would not exist.

That would be end of universe. Because for the universe to exist, both time and space are needed, in optimal quantities.

But due to Luke's mistake, the time, represented by year 2015 had become too powerful. The year 2015 had transformed into an endless time-tunnel which entrapped Luke's ship as well as the world.

The 2015 time-tunnel was increasing in length every passing moment. Unless Luke came out of the time-tunnel soon, and bring the world along with him, the end would be inevitable.

Luke quickly began damage-control. He will have to take his ship out of the tunnel, away from the tentacles of 2015 and reach to 2016 as fast as possible. Putting his ship into ‘Space-mode’ again, he zoomed towards the end of time-tunnel. Using all his wisdom and might, he raced against the evil forces of time to come out from the time-tunnel hoping to get into 2016 again.

He managed it by a millionth part of a second. As he came out of time-tunnel, the equilibrium of time and space got restored again. The universe became stable.

Captain Luke saw through the front-screen of his spaceship. He was again into the time-galaxy 2016.

He smiled, and radioed back to the ‘Indispire’ command center, “Mission accomplished. The time has been saved from the jaws of space. The world will live. Happy New Year 2016”

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  1. Very well thought-out Saket. Dwelling too much on the past can wreck havoc on the present. Both time and space are important for the universe to maintain its balance.

  2. Being a star wars fan, I thought this was a rather interesting take!

    1. Thanks Nandini! I am not so much into Star Wars. So getting a seal of approval from a Star Wars fan feels so good. :)

  3. This is so creative and interesting! Loved it! Awesome post :)

    Do read my take on this topic too and share your views >>

    1. Thanks Amreen for you nice words about the post.
      And yes, your post is inspiring.

  4. Amazing how you weaved Star Wars concept, and time-space management aspect into a fiction.
    I am sure Luke will keep inspiring us ��

    1. Thanks, Alok, for letting me know that you liked it.

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    1. Thanks for expressing your like for the post.