Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Things Which Make My Morning Gold

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 Image courtesy Wikimedia

Waking up from a good night's sleep I splash water on my face in struggle to become fully awake.

Then I see something on the shelf. The Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold Toothbrush.

I eagerly grab it and start brushing my teeth. The freshness contained in the toothpaste starts getting spread. The Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold Toothbrush reaches every corner and fill the same with freshness.

The golden colour of the brush seems to be making my morning a golden morning. 

I occupy my chair at the coffee table reading my 7 am Newspaper. I hear the noises coming from the kitchen.

Image Courtesy staticflickr

The sound of water simmering inside the kettle resembles the sound of the ocean.

Then I feel the smell of freshly brewed tea.

Finally, Anu appears from kitchen with a tray  in hand.  On the tray are four sets of cups and saucers and a kettle. The golden rays of Sun coming through dining-room window bounce-off the shiny surfaces of cups making them look celestial. 

Suddenly I feel my morning turning into a gold morning.

Anu pours tea into my cup. The intoxicating aroma of fresh Darjeeling tea fills the air.

Image courtesy Wikimedia

My cup of tea appears like a complete universe to me. Its warmth resembles the Sun, the nourisher of every living being on earth. The white coloured saucer with spiral design on it looks like a galaxy.

It’s our everyday morning ritual that during our morning cup of tea, Anu and I sit together at the coffee table silently, without exchanging a word. We just keep looking out of the window towards the rising sun. It’s the time when we silently thank God for all the good things in our lives- for the morning Sun, for our kids, for the beautiful house, for each other, and for the warm cup of tea we hold in our hands.

I lift the cup off the saucer and slowly pull it towards me. Bringing it closer to my lips I gradually tilt the cup to take my first sip. It feels like a sip of nectar. It enters my soul through my body.

Having finished my cup of nectar, now I am ready for my day.

The Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold Toothbrush and then the heavenly cup of tea have turned my morning into a gold morning.



  1. I love how this post brought images of a peaceful morning to mind. I love that you and Anu enjoy a cup of tea in silence. That, in my opinion, is the best way to spend the first few minutes in the morning. Very well written, Saket!

    1. Thanks Hema. You are absolutely right that silent moments with a loved one can give a great start of day.

      Thanks for expressing your like for the post.