Friday, 25 December 2015

My Passion With The Bat, And The Ball......

This post is written for following prompt.

India’s World Cup victory in 1983 ignited passion for cricket in me. As I watched Kapil Dev taking that legendary catch off Vivian Richards, I vowed that I will one day play the World Cup finals by myself.

This is the story of my passion, lost and found again a few years down the line……

I saw that match,
That wonderful catch,
Which sent Viv Richards out,
In that all important bout…..

I saw him hold the cup,
With flow of champagne and wine,
And got shivers,
Down my spine…

Took out my bat and ball,
In a moment, was joined by my pals

Playing with a rubber ball,
We drew stumps on the wall…..

We played day and night,
With all our will and might…..

I dreamed of holding the bat,
One day, on international mat……

I shall put the pitch on fire,
In Lords, Oval, and Lancashire….

I shall send Imran for a six,
And put Aussies in a fix…….

I shall hold the cup again in hand,
India will rule the 22 yards land….

But when I grew,
It was entirely a different view….

I did well in the game,
Got some name and fame,
I took good catches,
And won a few matches….

“He is good with bat,” the word spread,
But my dad sternly said,
“The pen, and not the bat,
will fetch you your bread”…….

Pen is mightier than the bat, I was told,
And pen was the thing I went on to hold…..

The stumps, bat and ball,
Lay in a corner of hall…..

Then one day…………..

I saw the old stumps,
And got goose bumps……

The bat came to life,
And ball ready for a strife……….

I called up a few old chaps,
Who came wearing white caps…..

The world around me changed,
As the stumps were arranged…….

As I hit the ball,
Over boundary-wall,
I realize, this is something,
Which was my true call…….

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  1. I am surprised there are no comments to this delightful read Saket. Isn't it great to go back to your true call. And when the call is 'cricket'.....You just hit a sixer man....:)

    1. Thanks, Sunaina.
      You expressed your like in such nice words.....
      My bat bows humbly to acknowledge the praise you bestowed.....