Monday, 31 October 2016

The Zeroth Dimension!

Lucifer was agitated. The Nobel Prize for physics had been announced and not him but his fellow scientist Richard had won it for his theory on 5th dimension.

Lucifer was one of the most renowned physicists, just like Richard. However, given his belief that the forces of universe are evil, he was nicknamed Lucifer by the scientist community.

Both he and Richard were working on dimensionalism, i.e. discovering dimensions beyond the four known till then. While he was working to prove existence of 0th dimension, Richard was researching on 5th dimension.

Lucifer too had submitted his theory on 0th dimension for the Nobel Prize. In his theory, he had claimed that not only does the 0th dimension exist, but it rules over all other dimensions including the known four- length, width, depth, and time.

Although both Lucifer and Richards completed and presented their research at the same time, the world lapped up Richard’s discovery of 5th dimension with applause and rejected Lucifer’s 0th dimension theory. The scientist community laughingly called his 0th dimension theory a wild imagination or a science fiction at best.

Lucifer found it hard to digest the insult. He knew he was right- the 0th-dimension really existed. A dimension which represents nothingness. A dimension which supersedes all other dimensions of the universe and can destroy all of them- including the 4th dimension called time.

His logic was simple. If E = MC2 is true, so should be E – MC2 = 0. It means that all the energy and mass of the universe can be converged into nothingness represented by the 0 in the right hand side of the equation.

The Nobel Prize announcement was the last straw on camel’s back. Jilted, Lucifer knew what he wanted to do. He would have to show the world in practice, and not just in theory, that the 0th dimension existed, that he was right.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

He walked through the security checks to get into the Large Hadron Collider tunnel. A scientist of his eminence hardy deserved to be stopped or asked any questions at this most advance particle research facility at Geneva. 

Inside the tunnel, different particles like Photon, Boson and Hadron were streamed continuously and their collisions studied in order to unravel the mysteries of universe. The research had already led the scientists to believe that there could be up to 10 dimensions and not just four as was believed earlier. What they didn’t believe in was the 0th dimension.  

Lucifer inserted in a small chip into the particle emitter tube. The tube started emitting Photons which travelled back and forth at the speed of light through the 27 Kilometre long tunnel. But these weren’t ordinary Photons. These were the ones which could attain 0th dimension, and could make the surroundings attain the same.

Inside the tunnel, as the newer photons collided with the ones reflected back from the end of the tunnel, they lost a dimension. First, they became two dimensional entities, just having length and width but no depth, then they turned one –dimensional – linear entities. And after the fourth collision, they turned into something which had 0-dimensions.

And this wasn’t the end. The Photons which went into the 0th dimension, behaved like tiny balckholes spreading 0-dimensionism. They triggered a chain reaction where all matter surrounding them got sucked into them and vanished.

Soon, everything inside and around the tunnel started vanishing into the newly formed tiny blackholes, the 0-dimensional entities.

First, the tunnel collapsed, then the city of Geneva, followed by the Earth, Solar System and the galaxy Milkyway. Soon the Universe started to implode, with stars, planets, black-holes and all matter rushing towards the 0-dimensional vortex and vanishing therein forever.

                                        Soon the universe started imploding
The Hadron Tunnel became a 0-dimensional blackhole
gobbling up the matter around it.          

And all this happened instantaneously without any time lapse, since the 4th dimension time had already been gobbled up by the 0th dimension.

Lucifer’s prophecy that “if E = MC2 is true, then E – MC2 = 0 should also be true”, had come true. the sum of all the energy and the matter contained in the universe had become 0. His revenge was complete. Only that he wasn’t around to witness it.

It is not known if the universe, converted into 0-dimensional nothingness will remain like that for ever, or this would be the beginning of next big bang with matter again borning out of nothingness and start forming a new universe.

Because no one really knows how 0-dimensionanism behaves.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
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  1. Well written...I loved reading this.

    1. Thanks Maya, for your words of appreciation.

  2. If matter exists, matter also does not exist, or in other words antimatter also exists. Something is and isn't. Interesting hypothesis. By the way our mystics (Vedic/Buddhist/Jain) said many similar things long back even though they could not prove anything empirically. Your article has brought much clarity to the zeroth dimension. An interesting read.

    1. Thanks Mr Dash, for reading and commenting on my post.

  3. Very informative, keep posting such sensible articles, it extremely helps to grasp regarding things.

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