Friday, 30 May 2014

I Feel I am Rich When......

I feel I am rich when........

......I see my child win a prize in his school.

Iamge courtesy -source

….I see my son defeat me in a  game of chess.

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.....when I bicycle with my kid in the evenings, even if it means missing the ‘networking' cocktail-meet at the office.

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….when after an absorbing day at work, I juggle balls for the kids in the park, and watch their gleeful faces.

Image courtesy peoplenrg  and

........when I win an argument with my wife, without her losing the love and trust.

Image courtesy dailymail  and  theurbanwoman

I feel I am rich when I am able to remain by the side of a friend who needs me.

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I feel I am rich when I am able to stay by my old parents when they need me most, even if it means losing that foreign placement opportunity.

Image courtesy conviviumcare

I feel I am rich when I vote knowing that Its me who is making someone a king.

Image courtesy stockmarkettechnicals  and mowingthelaw

I feel I am rich when I am able to guard my values

Image courtesy and thefinancialbrand

I feel I am rich when I am able to preserve my honour, even if it means loosing my temper.  

Image courtesy marketingforhippies

I feel I am rich when I know  that what I did today will bring me a better tomorrow.

Image courtesy mrwallpaper

I feel rich when I feel rich from within......

Image courtesy teamwildathletics

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  1. Wonderful interpretation :)

  2. Well written post !

  3. You've wonderfully depicted your connotations for that spectacular word.Here's what I thought about it. Mine understanding is a little superficial though.

    Tushar Kumar Singh
    Project Disavowed

    1. Thanks Tushar!
      You were one of the early posters on the subject, and I have read your take. I am full of appreciation of your nicely expressed views on the subject.

  4. Very Good post.. i like it.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Gaurab, for letting me know that you liked it.

  6. How many Indian kids have you come across who juggle balls in the park? I'm sure, none.
    You know what I'm trying to get at... so I won't give words to it. However, I must say that what will make you feel really rich is when you sit down, think, assimilate your thoughts, and write a post without any prompting from what others have already written.

    Arvind Passey

    1. Thanks Mr Passey for visiting my post, and also for giving us an interesting prompt to write about.

      Yes, I agree with you. The kids these days prefer to play Zoo-keeper or Pokemon rather than see someone juggle balls. But then, there aren't any people (read parents) now who would have time or interest to juggle balls for them.

      True. I feel rich after writing each of my post. And a billionaire, if I win a 1k voucher :)

  7. Liked it to match great values

    1. Thanks Suja, for appreciating my post!

  8. That is such a wonderful interpretation. Lovely post. :)

  9. Very nicely written, Saket!
    I agree :) I feel rich too when any of the above happens with me :)