Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bathing Is Like Blogging! Blogging Is Like Bathing!

The following post is part of a campaign sponsored by the mentioned company. I have written this post as a challenge for my skills of articulation and creativity and do not necessarily endorse all the information provided in it.

Bathing is like blogging and blogging is like bathing. ‘Bath’ and ‘Blog’ both are four letter words. Both don’t start with ‘f’, and none of them is a taboo. Blogging and bathing both require solitude to perform. It is an accepted norm that bathing and blogging is done at home and never in office. Both require you to open-up. You need to open up to take bath, and you need to open-up your mind to Blog.

Here is more on why bathing and blogging are same……

Both Bathing and Blogging have a history,
The stone-age ‘blogs’ on cave-walls,
Stones, and tree-barks are no mystery!
The pre-historic baths were done in ponds and lakes,
While the modern one with Racold is such cakes!
Image courtesy fina and  staticflickr
                      Bathing in ancient times                          Blogging in ancient times             

Both Bathing and Blogging are signs of civilization,

A means to attain happiness, without aberration!

Bathing is a great way to begin a Monday,
Blogging is a great way to end a Sunday!
Bathing drives away the Monday morning blues,
And Blogging lets your creativity ooze!

Each of them is a good way to start the day!
You can do both any number of times,
But minimum once is a good healthy way!

The hot water bath gives you a fresh start,
And blogging thereafter, warms up your heart!

Warm water bathing is great for your skin,
And warm hearted blogging is salvation akin!

A warm water bath cleanses the hair
And keeps frizz at bay,
And blogging is good for you
After a bad-hair-day!

Bathing with hot water relaxes muscles and relieve stress,
And blogging helps you clean up your mind’s mess!

A hot water bath in the eve’ helps to unwind,
And blogging after that is a treat for mind!

The hot water bath helps to get good sleep,

And blogging allows you to get into your dreams deep!

The hot water bath makes you as fresh as dew,
And blogging brings out the child in you!

The hot water bath clears phlegm and bring healings,
And blogging relieves you of your bottled-up feelings! 

The hot water bath gives you relief from Cold,

And blogging make you fearless and bold!

A hot water bath makes you reborn
And blogging let your creativity adorn!

A warm water bath soothes the body as a whole,
And a warm hearted blog is soothing to the soul!

Bathing keeps your body warm,

And blogging ups the life’s charm!

Blogging’s future with Indi is just right,
Bathing’s future with Racold is bright! 

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