Monday, 10 March 2014

The Doomsday!

How would you survive if you are the last person in the world? #Survivor

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He opened his eyes. There was water everywhere around him.

He understood. The doomsday had arrived. Everything and everyone had got destroyed. He was the only human left alive.

He heard God speaking to him, "Man, You are the only human left in the world now. I have made you survive for a special purpose".

God ordered him, “Board this boat". 

He looked at a boat waiting for him. The boat was occupied by various animals, two of each kind, a male and a female.

The God spoke, “I have sent this boat for you. You will soon meet a female of your species, live in the garden of Eden, reproduce, grow your species and spread all over the world. Meanwhile the animal species too will do the same.  The world will be same again”.

The man asked, “Why did the world had to see this doomsday? What cause it?”

God replied, “The humans brought the doomsday”. “You know, global warming, weapons of mass destruction, chemical and biological warfare, all that brought the doomsday,” God disclosed.

“But don’t worry,” God reassured. “ I have saved you from extinction. Now you will recreate the human species. The world will be same again”.

“You mean the humans caused this destruction?” the man asked God.

“Yes,” God replied. “Now hurry up, board the boat before the water sweeps you away".

The man stepped backwards. Thought for a while, then refused to board the boat.  He turned back and ran towards the forest as fast as he could. Soon he vanished into deep. A few minutes later, the floodwaters engulfed the forest.

No one knew what happened to him.

The world was soon populated with various animals, except the humans. The animals lived, flourished, and  spread all over the earth. The earth became a beautiful place.

A second doomsday never happened. The world lived ever after.

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“How would you survive if you are the last person in the world?” #Survivor

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  1. It's like Science fiction meets Noah's ark :) Great little take

    1. Yeah! Thanks for reading and expressing your like.

  2. 'A second doomsday never happened.' Amen to that.
    Nicely written.

    1. Thanks Kiran. The environmentalist like you are actually contributing everyday to avert the Doomsday!

  3. If change is the only constant then i don't think "no second doomsday" will be a good thing to happen...On a lighter note it will be interesting to understand why "The man" ran away... Was it thought of living with Eve in Eden that triggered this response :) or ...?

    1. Hah Hah! Sachin, you gave the story humourous twist! Hah Hah.

    2. as they say post scriptum : what happened to the female waiting for this man in that garden?... Hope she is still alive and waiting... that ways maybe we can get version II of this write-up :)

  4. Creative attempt, Saket! God chose him & still he foiled God's plans & humans became extinct! :)
    Noah's Ark without Noah! :)

    1. Thanks Anita. Yeah, Noah's Ark without Noah and without any human. Thanks for appreciating!

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