Sunday, 5 April 2015

When A Sorry Wasn't Enough.

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The God created the earth. He created flora and fauna. Then he crated man. He made the world beautiful and lovely place to live in for all living beings including man.

Man was vary happy. He lived in earth. He was intelligent. He exploited all the resources for the good of his own race. His race flourished. However, as a result of man's actions the earth started to change. First the global warming, then the chemical pollutants, then excessive exploitation of natural resources, then the nuclear wastes and radiation. The climate started to change, the flora and fauna began to go extinct.

Man was blissfully unaware of all this. He continued to live and thrive on erath.

But one day......

Man opened his eyes. There was water everywhere around him. It looked like a doomsday. Everything and everyone had got destroyed. 

The God said to man, "Look, what have you done with the world I gave you".

Man asked, “What happened, o' All Mighty? Why did the world had to see this doomsday? What cause it?”

God replied, "You". "You are responsible for it".  “Your race brought the doomsday”. “You know, global warming, weapons of mass destruction, chemical and biological warfare, all that brought the doomsday,” God disclosed.

Then man heard God speaking to him, “Look at this boat". 

Man looked at a boat floating on water. The boat was occupied by various animals, two of each kind, a male and a female.

The God spoke, “However, if you say sorry to the world for everything you did, if you say sorry to every species you see here on the boat, I will permit you to board this boat. If you board this boat, you will be saved. You will soon meet a female of your species, live in the garden of Eden, reproduce, grow your species and spread all over the world. Meanwhile the animal species too will do the same.  The world will be same again”.

The Man said, "Sorry God. Sorry for messing up big time with the beautiful and lovely earth you had given us all." Then he turned apologetically towards all the species and said sorry again.

“No worries,” God reassured. “I will re-construct the earth. And since you have already said sorry, I will allow you to board the boat and be saved. This way you race will be saved from extinction. Now you will recreate the human species. The world will be same again”.

However, man was seen pondering.

“Are you sure I, I mean my race caused this destruction?” man asked God.

“Of course,” God replied. "But its okay, you have already said sorry to the world, to the every species here on the boat. Now hurry up, board the boat before the water sweeps you away," the God ordered Man.

The man stepped backwards. Thought for a while, then refused to board the boat.  He turned back and ran towards the forest as fast as he could. Soon he vanished into deep. A few minutes later, the flood-waters engulfed the forest.

Before the boat too could engulfed in flood, God ordered it to sail away with all the creatures on board.

The world was soon populated with various animals, except the humans. The animals lived, flourished, and  spread all over the earth. The earth became a beautiful place.

No one knew what happened to Man.

But sometimes when the wind blows in the grasslands of Africa or the Prairies of America, the animals there hear a strange sound. Something like, "I knew that a sorry won't be enough".

Only Man knew that "A sorry won't be enough". The God understood why Man had declined to board the boat- Because man knew that a sorry won't be enough". 

Since then, a second doomsday hasn't come. The earth has thrived though sans the man. 

And no one has had to say sorry since then.  

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