Sunday, 24 April 2016

Hey Blogger, When Will You Stop Blogging?

It has been 3 years since you started torturing the world with your blog. Well, if not the world, India, or at least the Indiblogger. Don’t you think enough is enough now?

Have you ever considered stopping? If not, let me give you some reasons.

There Is No Reason For You To Blog
This is the very first reason for you to stop blogging. Try stopping it and see what happens. The world will continue to function as it is. The earth will continue to revolve without any change in its axis of tilt, 23 and half degree that is! Nothing will happen to the Sun, Moon and even that recently discovered planet Kepler 62F.

Change The World? Huh!
You said you started blogging to bring about a change in the world. Do reconsider. Was it actually to bring a Flipkart voucher and Motorola G2 through Indiblogger contests? Admit it.

And now when the purpose is over, why keep blogging? (You throw your boarding pass in the dustbin as soon as you land at the airport. Don’t you?)

And for your information, Indiblogger has stopped contests and Happy hours now. So, what are you waiting for? Close the lid now.

You Need To Express Your Creativity? Oh, Really?
Okay. So you thought you are creative. Your mom and dad told you this, your third grade teacher told you, a subordinate in your office told you, and  you keep on telling yourself everyday while seeing in the mirror. Now why do you want more and more people to tell you the same thing again and again?  Give them a break, man! The guy at your grocery store doesn’t care about your creativity, neither does your milkman, barber, mechanic, carpenter, boss, spouse and kids. Believe me, they have better things to do than be bothered about your creativity.

There Is No Money In It, Honey!
Admit it, when you started you thought some day you would make lots of money from it. That didn’t happen, and you found that a plumber gets paid better than a blogger.

Look, people would pay up to get their leaking tap fixed rather than to read the poem you wrote. Need I say more?

Blog Or Do?
There are two types of people in the world- ones who blog and ones who do. And ‘blogging’ is not ‘doing’ (mostly).

What? Did I hear you say that you spread awareness about issues by blogging? Come on, it’s like writing recipe of an exotic dish for the starving people of Somalia. Your blogging about Nepal Earthquake didn’t help anyone, but you friend who donated blood, saved a life. You blogged, while he did.

Free-up Some Internet Space, Buddy!
The internet is already a congested space. With millions and millions of people adding their blogs everyday, there is hardly any storage space left in the servers of the world for other useful things. And if you insist on knowing what is “useful”, have the courage to hear that “everything that is not connected with your blog” is useful.

So why not consider freeing up some space now? And no, you won’t disappoint half the world’s population you think comprises of your readers. Rather, you would end up giving some rest to the bots from Estonia, Alaska, Latvia, and New Jersey who visit your blog.

So come on, just try it! Stop blogging now and you’ll discover a new world around you. Keep the keyboard aside, read a book, play with your kids, smell the roses, look at the lilies. (And do whatever you want to do, but just don’t blog about it, please!)

And when the show ends, I would be the one to clap the hardest!

Me talking to me.

This post is written for following prompt in Indiblogger-

“Tell us your blogging story. When did you start? Why did you start?”

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  1. Exactly what my coversation with myself too...and also, I am scared that one day someone will say this to me !!!😱😱👹

    1. No worries,Maya. If someone says this to you, don't stop blogging, just blog about it :)

      Feels nice to know that I am not alone.

  2. Replies
    1. Heh heh. But I too stubborn to let any introspection affect me.

      Thanks Mr Matheikal, for visiting and reading my post.

  3. Yikes! I hope my inner voice never says this to me! Although all of them make perfect sense :)

    1. Hope it never says. Even if it does, don't listen to it. Just blog about it and forget. That's what I did just now :)

      And in my case, my inner voice is getting used to listen to me rather than the other way round. He, he.

      Thank you Hema, for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

  4. Hilarious take on something that bothers many bloggers I guess....including me....!