Saturday, 3 September 2016

Don't Hate The Mask!

This week’s Prompt......

Mask and masks, masks everywhere. What is it that the mask tries to hide? put it in prose poem, poetry, micro-poem, haiku or anything lyrical.

Mask on me, mask on you,
None can tell, who is who!

Mask on him, mask on her,
Masks come in various, colour and calibre!

Mask on the face, mask on the eyes,
Mask for the naive, mask for the wise!

Masks are long, masks are round,
If worn well, they give power abound!

Masks are enticing, yet masks are trap,
Look, there’s one, down the white cap!

Mask on the truth, mask on the lie,
With a mask on face, you never feel shy.

You loved your mask, but was love your mask?
I never knew, chose not to ask!

Don’t hate masks, masks aren’t sin,
‘cause without your mask, you can’t win!


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  1. Nice and wise. No sin, only win.😊

    1. Thanks Mr Matheikal. Thanks for visiting my page.:)

  2. Behind every mask, there is a face and behind that a story that is hidden and full of is better to unmask and come out of a make believe world!

    1. Yes, Sunita. Masks sure have something behind them. World would have been a lot easier to understand had masks not been invented. One may choose to unmask, or choose to learn the nuances of the game. :)

      Thanks for visiting my page and sharing your thoughts!

  3. So beautifully penned... but behind every mask is hidden some stark realities of life! :)

    1. Thanks Maitrini, for expressing your like. Agree with the word- stark- you have used to describe realities of life.....

  4. That's a very different perspective, but, somewhat true. It's difficult to proceed in the path of life without wearing masks...

    1. Yes, Maniparna.

      You use your real name and actual pic, so you aren't one of the people who wear a mask when online :)

      I notice that most bloggers present their true identities in the web, unlike the pure twitteratis and pure social media junkies. And that makes me trust them more while conversing.

      Thanks for visiting my page.

  5. So clever! I love the mask metaphors. Well written, Saket.

    1. Thanks, Hema.

      I feel happiest when I hear the the word "clever" while receiving compliments on my writting ......much more than a "Well written" or even "superb" 

      Ha ha... look I shed my mask of a stoic blogger and revealed that I love getting compliments for my posts. 😆